The duo you’ll love to hate – but mostly love <3


Normally the saying “love to hate” tends to have a negative connotation behind it or implies something annoying or obnoxious. Brandon & Leah are quite the contrary. The reason you’ll “love to hate” them is because not only are they ridiculously attractive but they are also ridiculously in love, talented and unpretentious about it all!

Anyone who has turned on the E! network cannot escape the Khardashian Klan and there’s a good chance you remember the promos to Kim and Khortney take on Miami. Maybe you even got the tune playing in the background stuck in your head. Yup, you can thank Brandon and Leah (@BrandonandLeah) for the “I’ma I’ma I’ma I’ma ahhh” stuck in your head all day from their single ‘Showstopper’. Because this was my first exposure to this group I wasn’t sure what to expect from them musically. I was pleasantly surprised by the soulfulness present in their current EP titled Cronies along with independently released singles.

The ever-present ukulele accompanied by Leah’s sultry voice accompanied by a variety of instrumentals takes you on a ride through different emotions and back drops. Envision yourself in the middle of an underground, dark and sexy club where everyone has something to hide w/ ‘House of Cards’, enjoying a beach bonfire with good friends in Malibu (B&L’s home town) w/ ‘Life Happens’, or get lost in your introspectiveness w/ ‘Say It Ain’t so Bad’.

My personal favorite? ‘You’re so Cold’. Leah’s voice is beautiful perfection in this song.  I enjoy this song b/c it exudes a haunting melody and a non obvious female empowerment and sense of self.

Don’t be turned off by the fact that these two are connected to reality tv family royalty (Brandon is Bruce Jenner’s son). This couple has the talent to legitimize themselves and stand on their own four feet. They are the real definition of California Cool. I for one will be including their songs into my social gathering playlists so I can be the one to answer the question “who is this playing right now?”. Check them out for yourself .

Brandon and Leah….I love to hate you so please make your way to Florida for a show!

What do you all think of Brandon and Leah??



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