“When the Sun Shines we’ll Shine Together”

Inspiration for today’s blog comes from the massive amounts of rain we’ve been getting lately. I know…wah wah wah us Floridians have it soooo tough!

Covers are a common theme you should get used to on my blog. I love to love covers. Nothing is cooler than witnessing an artist take on someone else’s song while putting in their own spin into the song. In particular I’m obsessed when upbeat, fast paced songs are transformed into melodic melodies.

I can’t remember how or when I stumbled upon this cover by Mandy Moore (@MandyMoore) (before you make an eye roll give my girl a chance) but this particular cover holds a special place in my heart. I introduced my best friend Lisa to this cover and she and her husband, Mike, selected this song as their first song. A year (and 4 days ago) they welcomed beautiful, baby Ella in to their family. How fitting…s the lyrics that stick with you, from this song are “Ella Ella eh eh eh”. For those of you that were living under a rock in 2007 or those that didn’t pick up on it from the title and weather hint….the song is “Umbrella” by Rhianna ft. Jay-Z. It was highly speculated, at the time, that Rhianna and Jay-Z were having an affair and that’s what this song was about. Rhianna is gorgeous but come on…Jay-Z is married to Beyonce…Beyonce people…nuff said. But I digress….take a listen!

So first there was Britney Spears, then came Christina Aguilera, followed by Jessica Simpson and THENNNN we were introduced to Mandy Moore. Did the poor girl even have a chance to squeeze in to the bubblegum pop realm that was the late 90’s? Although she found some success in this realm that genre is not where her heart is or where I believe she fits stylistically. She’s been quoted as saying “[The record company] was like, Here are your songs. I was like, Hi, I’m 14. I’ll do anything. Those albums are why I’m here today, but goddamn, I should give a refund to anyone who bought my first record.” Her album Coverage, released 2003, is a clear indication of where her influences come from. The 70’s and 80’s covers sure seem to suit her in this album.

Bottom line, don’t pigeon hold this beauty in to the box of some of her predecessors. Mandy has won a Grammy for Best Song Written for Visual Media and her acting chops are not too shabby either. Follow her on Twitter and you see there is a depth to this beauty. She exudes a philanthropic passion and seems to embrace all that life has to offer. You’ll get an inside look at the love she has for life, her friends (bestie is @minkakelly), and her hubby Ryan Adams (@theRyanAdams) (being married to Ryan Adams alone should give this chica extreme rock/alternative cred!). On a side note, if you don’t know who Ryan Adams is do not confuse him w/ Bryan Adams….come back in the near future….and you’re missing out and should probably do something about that. Mandy is said to be working on writing songs for her upcoming album w/ Ryan that will most l likely reflect her thoughts on love and life. I predict that this album will be a true reflection of where Mandy is at in her life, will introduce new sounds from her current musical inspirations, and showcase her inner 70’s child.

What do you think of Mandy’s rendition of ‘Umbrella’?


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