How did I miss this one? Was I stuck in a Labrinth?

Possibly because I don’t listen to Tampa’s radio stations often (no offense I just want to listen to what I want to listen to WHEN I want to listen to it which is not necessarily the radio model) or because Tampa is behind the curve when it comes to exposing new songs/artists BUT how in the world did I miss this song??!! (please read below in regards to my headline if you are hypocritical of grammatical errors)

Simon Cowell (@SimonCowell) signed Labrinth (@labrinthda1st) to his record label and has been quoted to say that Emeli Sande (@emelisande) is “his favourite songwriter at the minute” (she penned songs for Leona Lewis and Susan Boyle). Not only do they share the love from Simon but they both have been putting their musical talents to work from an early age. Both English-born artists started learning about music at an early age and were inspired to write and perform as youths, as well. Put these two together and ahhhhh you’ve got the potential title track for the next Nicholas Sparks book turned movie. (Ok, the love stories may be getting a little predictable but don’t take that out on the non-existent soundtracks to come.  I say that more because this is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in a long time and associate it with a great love, present in most of his novels). Take a listen to “Beneath Your Beautiful”:

Who in your life do you let see “Beneath Your Beautiful”???

It’s official! Put Emeli Sande on the list of people’s careers you should follow. I have no doubt she will make an impact on the musical industry whether it’s as an artist or songwriter. Here song “Next To Me” is a great place to start. One of her biggest musical inspirations is Nina Simone. She’s been quoted to say “So when I listen to commercial stuff at the moment, I’m just thinking ‘haven’t you heard Nina Simone, haven’t you heard how a song should be written?”. Amen sista!!! She is setting the bar high and I intend to put good vibes out there that she achieves what Nina Simone has for all of us music lovers out there.

So you’re sitting around and all of a sudden you sing out “EXPRESSSS YOURSELF”….ok, so maybe you’re singing along to the Microsoft commercial or maybe you’re not a dork like me and that tune is sung in your head and not out loud. Either way…that’s Labrinth (if you associate that name with the super rad 80’s movie ft. David Bowie & Jennifer Connelly, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind). Although he’s had more immediate success overseas the emotion he radiates while singing is almost as infectious as his smile and I can’t imagine that won’t translate to a U.S. audience soon. This is an artist who truly seems to LOVE what he is doing and that, along w/ his the underlying rasp in his voice, is contagious.

There is a high likelihood that this will all be old news to you…but hey it’s new news to me today and I’m happy to share with those that are in the same boat as me.

Will you be following these artist’s careers?


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