It’s a Motown kind of day

If you follow me on any social media, a recurring post is “It’s a Motown kind of day”. This sentiment doesn’t need adjectives or an explanation…it’s a mood and you Motown (@Motown) lovers will get exactly what this means. Oh what I would give to have been a teenager in the 60’s. However, I was blessed to have a Momma who WAS and who grew up close to the origin city of Detroit where Barry Gordy started Motown records with an $800 loan from his family (Thank you Gordy family! Sincerely, Ally Miller). My mom is too humble to admit it but I always knew she was a cool kid school by the way she sang along and swayed when Motown songs would come on the radio. So Motown HAD to be where the coolness was at J


Smokey Robinson should also receive a special shout out for my Motown days as he was an intrical part of Motown’s success. Not only as a writer but as a musician/artist in the group The Miracles which was followed by a solo career.

Motown recording artists provided me with hours of internal thoughts about my future along with hours of entertainment. Heres some of the songs I enjoyed when I was growing up and still do today. Enjoy the commentary of how I related to these songs as a child. (click on the links if you’re having a Motown kind of day and want to reminisce with your own memories)

  • I was pretty sure I was not a “love child” but I could sing this song in the mirror, with attitude, like no one’s business. I was obsessed with The Supremes! There songs defined what love was and could be when it goes wrong, to me. I was often mad at them when they told me I couldn’t hurry love (I loved the idea of being in love when I was little lol).
  • I prayed that the universe would, someday, let me have a boyfriend that would send me letters when I get older although I knew I would never beg the Postman to deliever them.
  • Tracks of My Tears – one of my favorite songs today but as a youth I never understood how you could see the tracks of a man’s tears unless he was wearing make-up…weird. PS) @GavinDeGraw does an awesome cover of this song mused with ‘Cupid’
  • This was my motivational song…now envision the dance move that a child might have to the ‘Reach Out’ sections in this song…probably pretty accurate to how I looked while jamming out lol
  • Oh “HOW cool mom that you know the song from Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” LOL ahhhhh to be a parent one day GJWHF version….the REAL version

If you think I am foolish for forgetting to include The Jackson 5…think again…this is my all-time favorite Motown group and I’m reserving a complete blog post just for them!

Of course…this list could go on for days but I thought I’d hold some in my arsenal for when I’m having another “Motown kind of day”. What Motown artists, current or past, do you like to listen to?

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