“I never knew me a better time…and I guess I never will”

An obvious inspiration for me in today’s post, as I make preparations for my trip to Michigan tomorrow for my sister, Mandy’s, “I do” Barbeque Bridal Shower. Mandy and I are very close in age, often mistaken for twins when we were younger. It didn’t help that my mom dressed us in the same clothes to which she explains today “hey, we didn’t have a lot of money and a lot of time they had the same clothes on the sale racks so I’d buy them in both of your sizes”…which as an adult I kind of get…however, it was VERY annoying for two little girls LOL

Being shy growing up, I was lucky to have a SUPER outgoing sister who didn’t mind taking the reins and speaking up for me “Ummm excuse me…Miss Jan, Ally does not want to be a witch in the Halloween show!” (I got to be a pumpkin instead…score!). Sometimes this worked to my benefit…sometimes it did not “Mom, Ally DID take the Oliver & Company McDonald’s toy from the classroom” (thanks Mand 😉 ) None the less, when we were younger she was such a comfort to me in new situations and environments….one of those being the Judy Marsh Dance Studio in Oregon. We only took dance for a year, tap and jazz, however, the song for one of our end of year performance has remained one of “our” songs. It is by Sir Elton John….just Elton John back then or it could have been anyone for all we cared.

We thought this song was SO silly (especially the “Laaaa la la la la la part) and obviously had NO idea how huge Elton John was. I still remember the day I put the pieces together that he was the artist behind our silly song. Speaking of silly…this is what we had to wear that day…..


Ahhhhhhhhh….I’m SO glad I have documentation of this memory regardless of the sheer and under embarrassment! What I love the most is the WORD UP poses.

So for today, I won’t provide insight to this song but rather let you listen and just ENJOY my sister and I’s silly song as I very much look forward to celebrating my BEAUTIFUL, OUTGOING, NON TWIN, sister this weekend 🙂

What songs have created memories for you with your siblings?


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