RIP Cory Monteith

A somber post today…I haven’t yet blogged in regards to the fact that I am a complete Gleek but with that being said one may be able to put the pieces together that today is a very sad day for the GLEE family and all Gleeks out there. One of its main stars, Cory Monteith, has passed away.


One reason I love this show so much is that they selected pretty unknown talent to star in their musical show about high school misfits who come together to create magic w/in a glee club.

I always loved the story of Cory’s rise to fame. Living in Victoria, as an unknown aspiring actor, his manager suggested that he submit a video of himself playing the drums as his audition tape to Glee as he had never sang before. Because he did not have access to drums his tape included Cory playing “the drums” on Tupperware and coffee mugs with pencils. The studio liked him but not enough to pay for his flight down to California for the audition. Cory wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass him by and opted to drive to this audition. On his way, he picked up the RENT soundtrack along with Billy Joel’s greatest hits as he figured he would have to sing at this audition. He selected “Honesty” for his audition and found out 35 minutes later that he was selected to play Finn Hudson on Glee. I always loved this Cinderella story.

Cory was so endearing and seemed unaffected by his sudden rise to fame (probably which made him all the more charming). He was beloved by his cast and crew members. He was especially loved by his Glee love interest and real life girlfriend Lea Michele. One couldn’t help but root for these two obsessed love birds. They performed many of my favorite duets on the show. Cory created so many wonderful moments on this show. To honor Cory I’ve posted some his best performances and interviews:

Ellen Degeneres 1st Interview and Ellen Degeneres 2nd  Interview

We’ve Got Tonight – I especially loved Cory on this show as he matured…

Don’t Stop Believing – the defining moment for GLEE

Faithfully Cory and Lea had connection you couldn’t deny

Somebody to love

Keep Holding on

Cory & Lea & Finchel

One can only imagine the devastation that his family, friends, and girlfriend are feeling right now. I hope that people will remember Cory for his lovable, witty self instead of focusing on the aftermath of his death and pray that the media will let his loved ones grieve in peace.

I am not sure why….but his sudden death makes me very sad. He definitely left this earth way too soon and I am sad that we will never get to see where his life journey was headed.

RIP Cory Monteith 😦 You’ve left us too soon….please pray for Cory’s family and loved ones.


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