I Wanna See You Be BRAVE!


I got a call from a friend one day and during that conversation she said “You have to listen to this song ‘Gravity’ I heard it and totally thought about you & (insert total pathological liar ex-boyfriend’s name)”. Now listen to the words of this song ‘Gravity’- by Sara Bareillas

Have I got your sympathy to read the rest of this blog yet? 😉 I don’t know what was worse, that the lyrics word for word described my on again off again relationship or that friends automatically associated it with my situation LOL Before you feel too bad for me, realize that this song was released in 2007…time heals all wounds people and for those of you that know me…although I often take back seat for other’s happiness this New Yorker is no doormat 😉

I LOVE the story behind Sara’s first big hit “Love Song” …this song was written as Sara broke free of her insecurities that arose from her label putting pressure on her during the writing of her album Little Voice.

Here comes a moment of honesty….I haven’t necessarily been hooked to Sara’s music throughout the years. However, one day I was driving and heard a song and immediately rummaged through my stereotypically, oversized purse to find my phone so I could use my Shazam (an app that will tell you the song and artist of a song that is currently playing with the touch of a button). ***Kids DO NOT attempt to do this unless parked. To my surprise it was the latest release from Sara’s upcoming album. ‘Brave’ acknowledges “one’s own internal silence”. I love the empowerment that this song provides to find your own voice and light. Quick fun fact, this song was co-written with Jack Antonoff of F.U.N.

The Blessed Unrest hits stores today. Its title alone motivates this control freak to try to find peace amongst the chaos that is this world. I am addicted to understanding how songs have come together and the meaning behind them. Check out Sara’s interview on VH1 to find out about the inspiration behind some of the tracks on her new album.

I haven’t had the chance to intimately check out this whole album yet. But I will say that I appreciate that Sara has incorporated a more rhythmic sound into her music which tends to lean more towards the melodic side (she plays the piano so this should be of no surprise).

It doesn’t take long for me to pick out my favorites on an album. My initial favorite track goes to ‘I Choose You’. When Sara takes her voice into the higher ranges it is breathtaking (also an adjective that can describe the lyrics in this song). You know those wedding trailers that are all the rage now? Be prepared to hear this song on one of those.

‘Little Black Dress’ stands out for me as well. It has an interesting melody which reminds me of a mixture between ‘Band of Gold’ by Freda Payne and ‘Crying’ by Roy Orbison. Weird right?! Well take a listen and let me know what you think.

Tried and true fans will definitely appreciate this new album and I encourage the “Sara Bareillas who?” folks out there to give this album a listen. One cannot deny the song writing of this artist.

What tracks do you like on The Blessed Unrest?


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