How Zach Braff Changed My Life!

Man O Man I love me a good soundtrack! I believe that one of the most important parts of putting a movie together is picking out the right music (shocker!). I often view the music as an additional character in the movie. If they select the wrong song it can ruin the whole scene or feeling in an instant. Now I’m tempted to use an analogy of a horrific actor who’s ruined a movie for me but I’m feeling kind of generous today so I’ll let all of you slide…..just this once 😉  But when the right song is put with the right setting, right actors, and right production…’s MAGIC!!!

Do you all know Zach Braff? I’m sure you do…he’s that quirky Scrubs actor best known for that show, launching the controversial Kickstarter campaign, and famously beating up a teenager on Punk’d who had supposedly spray-painted his Porsche and ruined it? I’m not quite sure he’d be thrilled if these are the only things that people remember him by but let me also add to that….Grammy Winner. Bet you didn’t know that about him, huh? Can I also just say that I love me some of the creations that have come from Zach Braff’s brain. Yes, folks he won a Grammy Award for Best Compilation Soundtrack for a Motion Picture for his work on the album to Garden State.


Ok, quick history lesson before I introduce the radness (yes, I said radness) that makes up  the Garden State soundtrack. Zach actually wrote the screen play for Garden State, definitely a must see if you’ve been living under a rock. He handpicked the music on album based on songs he felt were representative of his life while writing the script. Due to budgetary restrictions obtaining all these songs was difficult however, Braff sent a copy of the script with every request he sent out for a song. As a result, comes one of the most groundbreaking and amazing sound tracks of the early 2000’s.

On to the music….probably one of my all-time favorite descriptions of a song comes from Natalie Portman’s. In reference to “New Slang” by The Shins she says “You gotta hear this one song-it’ll change your life; I swear.” Is that just pure poetry or what?

And I agree 100% with her…it has changed my life…I dare you to put on a set of head phones, close your eyes, listen to this song and let it change your life as well.

Another notable song is “Let Go” by Frou Frou (a group half made up by the brilliant Imogen Heap). This song is also in The Holiday for all my romantic comedy aficionados out there. I love the ‘live in the moment’ vibe of this song.  “So, let go, let go…Jump in…. Oh well, what you waiting for?”

Lastly, how could Braff had gone wrong with the addition of ‘The Only Living Boy In New York’? Although I am only mentioning several of the songs on this soundtrack I recommend checking out the whole album in its entirety. Other honorable mentions that didn’t make the post? (don’t worry they will be blogged about in the future!) Nick Drake, Cary Brothers, and Remy Zero.

I do have to thank Zach Braff for introducing me to the indie-rock genre for which I now adore! Not that he needs my ‘thank you’…I’m sure his Grammy keeps him warm at night! At the very least he could give me more insight into his playlist 🙂 Add director to this star’s list of credits. He has directed many things but most notable, for me, are music videos for two of my favs (Joshua Radin & Gavin DeGraw).

One can only hope that Zach will play a major role in selecting the music for his most recently written script, “Wish I Was Here”. Can you say “No Brainer!!”. He worked magic with Garden State and The Last Kiss. I can only imagine the ridiculousness (meaning insanely good) soundtrack he could create with the music of this generation.

What are some of your favorite soundtracks?

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