Everyone needs Colours in their life

For music lovers all around the world, the evolution of technology has given us access in to artist’s lives, concerts that we are unable to attend, interviews that we may have missed etc… It has allowed artists w/out the support of a record label to gain exposure and a following. As someone who is an enjoyer of music, not a creator, I LOVE having access to find new and interesting talent. The downside? I don’t get paid to sit and look for undiscovered talent/music all day. Sometimes it’s hard for me to check out EVERY artist/group that is sent my way because I just don’t have the time and it can be a little overwhelming. That being said….one group I am glad that I took the time to check out is Colours (@coloursfl).


This Florida based band really brings something new to the table as the airwaves are filled primarily with techno-pop songs, jug band inspired songs, or songs by established artists (not that I don’t love some of the music out now but “new” brings refreshment to ones soul). Colours’ EP, Skin & Bones, hit ITunes and Amazon yesterday. Let me tell you the $3.98 per album is a steal for the quality of music that will run through your eardrums! My personal favorite on the EP is The Machine:

I couldn’t help but be reminded of Friendly Fires after initially listening to this group. Let me elaborate…I love the collaboration of instrumentals that Friendly Fires often uses to create a unique sound as well as the tone and range of lead singer, Ed Macfarlane’s voice. Colours offers me the exact same thing except without the electronica, dance punk sound that I personally don’t prefer. This band creates a distinct sound that I can immediately pick out in my daily shuffle of music.

Kyle Tamo, lead vocalist for Colours, delivers striking vocals, effortlessly. He’s one of those singers where you kind of sit back and think “how in the world can something so mesmerizing come from a human being?”. The other band member’s contributions, musically, should not go unrecognized either.

What I appreciate most about this band is their passion for the art of music! In the video below, bass player Matt Favero, explains the concept, behind their new EP, as a prequel to a storyline that will progress. I am intrigued by the idea of characters and storylines continuing through their music creation.

And fans agree with me! Check out this post on Indie Vision Music. One comment raves “This album rules life. Def one of the best things I’ve ever heard man. It’s so epic!”.

Hey, Zach (@zachbraff) (insert me shouting to get his attention)…..could these songs  be a PERFECT fit for the Wish I Was Still Here soundtrack?? (Check out my previous blog How Zach Braff Changed My Life).

This profound band is a MUST CHECK OUT!!! DO IT TODAY!!!

What do you think of The Machine? Do you think this group could make it on to a Zach Braff selected soundtrack?

(Image via Colours FB page)


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