When your lover gives you lemons…listen to Tristan Prettyman!

Boy meets gorgeous talented musician, boy falls in love, boy proposes, girl says “yes” and then the boy calls off engagement???? This is certainly not the ending Tristan Prettyman (@tprettyman) had expected I’m guessing. However, as a result she created one of the most honest and reflective records I have ever heard.

So what do you do when your significant other breaks up with you out of the blue? I’ll tell you what you do…Go buy Cedar + Gold!


My first exposure the gorgeous, indie, guitar player, Tristan, was when I heard her song ‘Madly’ in the movie He’s Just Not That InTo You. This was pre-Kazaam days so I remembered the lyrics from the movie so I could google them. Flash forward to the holiday season of 2012. I was fortunate enough to attend Mix 100.5’s Acoustic Christmas with Gavin DeGraw (@GavinDeGraw) featuring Tristan Prettyman. How amazing to get such an intimate experience w/ these 2 musicians.

Tristan’s performance inspired me to purchase her newest album Gold + Cedar. In life, I tend to keep my inner feelings to myself or for those who hold a place in that special place in my heart. I recently wrote a blog about being BRAVE (link to past blog). The amount of courage displayed in this album is a strong example of being BRAVE. To share such raw emotion, not only with those close to her in her life, but with the entire world is something to be admired. For more on what inspired this album check out this interview.

I am certainly not encouraging anyone to start an I hate Jason Mraz witch hunt campaign…however, I do have a different perspective when it comes to ‘I Won’t Give Up’…especially when listening to Tristan’s response to it in ‘Glass Jar’.

Highlights? ‘My Oh My’ the meaning of this song explained by Tristan “The whole song is this journey through your first love and breaking up and thinking you’ll never see him again and there’s no chance and then they come back into your life. And you’re like, ‘Oh man, I still like you. What’s the deal with that?” .

The most heart-wrenching song, for me, comes from ‘Never Say Never’.

The most raw moment comes from ‘I Was Gonna Marry You’.

Although I do not believe in wallowing in one’s own misery I do believe it’s important to feel those emotions before you can move on…for those moments this record is definitely A MUST before you move on to the ‘I Will Survive’ phase of a breakup.

What songs get you through a break-up? What is your favorite track on Cedar + Gold?

(Image via tristanprettyman.com)


2 responses to “When your lover gives you lemons…listen to Tristan Prettyman!

  1. Thank you for showing us/me her talent. I also first came across her in the movie He’s Just Not That Into You and after reading your blog post, I totally fell in love with her 🙂


    • That’s where I first heard her as well!!! But then she opened for Gavin DeGraw at an intimate acoustic concert and I was addicted. This album was written about Jason Mraz…did you know that?

      Thanks for reading!


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