As if the song wasn’t good enough….Best I’ve Ever Had video

My very first blog (click here to read) was in tribute to my favorite artist….Gavin DeGraw (@GavinDeGraw) and his ridiculously amazing new single. I don’t know how this man finds time to sleep….let alone film a music video while on tour (with @train & @thescript) ANNNDDDD recording a new album…you are better than I friend!

As if the music wasn’t good enough here comes his best video yet to accompany Best I’ve Ever Had!!!

The simplicity, the lighting, the crowd hopping around…which is what I do every time I hear this song fyi… the wardrobe changes (sorry I’m a fashionista-best outfit goes to the white shirt outfit while playing guitar under a bridge).

To continue…anyone who follows Gavin on any social media knows that his Musical Director/Guitarist/Vocalist, Billy Norris is not only all of those things but his good friend! I LOVE that his vocals are highlighted in this video! As anyone who has seen them live knows his vocals contribute to the already amazing show that Gavin puts on.  PS) If you want someone good to follow on Twitter…definitely follow @billy_norris . It is so cool to see a band members experience being on tour as well as his interactions with fellow, talented Gavin DeGraw band members.

Thank you once again Gavin for bringing the AWESOME! Bravo!

A little birdy told me you are rumored to be doing a solo tour this fall! I will pray that rumors becomes a reality (don’t worry I’ll also pray for all that other good stuff like world peace, my family etc….come on I’m not that shallow guys 😉 ) Also, that you make your way to the West Coast of Florida since your current tour skipped us!

Do you enjoy the video as much as I do??


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