You Can Be A Champion…because The Script Says So!!!

There are moments in life that are so good for the soul that you may not ever fully be able to express how much they mean to you. But let me try anyways…

I feel as though it was no accident that I got the opportunity to come and work for my company, in Florida, 6 years ago. Because of my position, I have had the opportunity to cross paths with many extraordinary people. Extraordinary people who inspire, motivate, care, encourage, and celebrate not only each other’s careers but their lives. I was fortunate to get to interact with many of these people at our national convention last week which is my motivation for this post.

I dedicate Hall of Fame by The Script (@thescript) ft. (@iamwill)to our tremendous network…”YOU CAN BE THE BEST!!!”

But seriously….how talented is The Script? It’s kind of unreal and when you throw in the mix you get perfection as well as extreme inspiration. I really feel like I “can be the champion” when I listen to this track. The champion of what you might ask??….I’m not really sure but I can be it if I want to be it….b/c The Script said so 🙂

The Script are childhood, best friends from Dublin who have been around since 2001. However, in the states (I like to say it that way b/c I feel so international and worldly lol) we didn’t take notice of them until 2012 when they released their single ‘Breakeven’ here. Personally, I love their lyrics and it should be noted that they participate in most of the writing for their songs. PS) Did you know that American Idol, Kris Allen’s first single ‘Live Like We’re Dying’ was The Script’s song originally?? Sorry Kris I prefer Danny O’Donoghue’s ( birth name Daniel John Mark Luke O’Donoghue…say that 3 times fast) voice in this song. Other notable songs on their second album? “For the First Time”, whose video feature’s Bono’s daughter, and “Man Who Can’t Be Moved”.

I’m making it my personal mission to listen to their new album #3 for the next couple of days at work after loving Hall of Fame so much! Hey even if I don’t love every track I can still feel like “THE BEST” for a short period of time 🙂 and be super motivated at work!! Click here to see what motivated #3.

If you haven’t caught my subtle hints, in 2 of my other blogs, go check out The Script, Train, and Gavin DeGraw on tour while you still have the chance. Fans have been giving this show nothing but high marks and ratings!

I also feel as though Hall of Fame should also be a theme song for our keynote speaker Erik Wahl (@ErikWahl). Days after our national convention, I am still thinking of his message and being consistently motivated. Go check out his facebook page here for extreme amounts of inspiration.


I am truly blessed that I can call some of the people in my network my friends! They may never know how much they have touched my life and motivated me professionally and personally. They make me feel like I “Am The BEST” or at least make me want to strive to be!!! I only hope that I can give that back to them and if not I hope to motivate them through this song at the very least 🙂 Here are just a handfull of those amazing people who I got to spend time with at my convention.


Do you love The Script’s new album #3? Who in your life inspires you to be in The Hall of Fame?

(Image via @ErikWahl)


5 responses to “You Can Be A Champion…because The Script Says So!!!

  1. Absolutely brilliant posting Ally. I’m thrilled to see you writing more and just as important seeing you have a true “voice” that is uniquely your own. Keep up the great work… you’ve got a reader here forever! THX for the morning #inspo


  2. Well said, Ally…. what you don’t realize is what an inspiration you are to all of us… and girl, you ARE a CHAMPION!!! Love you to pieces….


  3. My fellow Champion…it was so great to see you. It is amazing feel the passion for Valpak and life from all of the Valpakians down at CU. Unfortunately we can’t explain to outsiders the dynamic energy that surrounds us at CU. We are the best—and every year you show us how to do this. You are the best.


  4. Hilda & Holly,

    I am truly humbled by your comments! My post was not intended to be a fishing for compliments piece lol Every year I continue to just be in awe of the people in this network so it gave me an easy inspiration to blog about 🙂 I think you are right that no outsider will truly ever understand it!

    Thank you for checking my blog out ladies!!! You are the BEST!!!


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