After Tonight…..

Oh Happy Day!!! I LOVE love and I especially love it when 2 people, whom I adore, make the decision that they’ll love each other forever. This weekend one of my best friends got engaged to a remarkable man…hello blog inspiration 🙂


I’ve known Mimi since she insisted on introducing herself as ‘Michele’ our freshmen year in high school. After thinking for a moment, much to her chagrin, my response was “Ohhhhhh you’re Mimi”. (Sorry about not helping you shake that nickname, Nem. And you’re welcome for giving you another nickname lol at least Mimi you can explain 😉 ) Mimi is my dear, loyal, and thoughtful friend! She’s that friend that when I call to have a “meaning of life”, karma/destiny related, or super deep conversation….instead of calling me crazy or evaluating just how off my rocker I might be in that moment…she participates and better yet relates. Everyone should be so lucky to have this kind of friend in their life.

Insert Julian (or Juls…for you Sex and the City lovahs yes this would mean they are Jules & Mimi lol), Mimi’s future hubby! I’ve never had a bad time when he’s around. He’s hysterical w/out necessarily meaning to be…imagine Oprah’s television moment “YOU get a car…YOU get a car….EVERYBODY gets a car”…now envision a grilled cheese version of this. I will never be able to eat a grilled cheese without thinking of Juls again LOL But the best part about Juls??? He absolutely adores Mimi, is completely devoted to her, and treats her accordingly <3!

To celebrate their love I’d like to introduce you to a not so well-known love song that’s been well-known to me for the last 5 years.

People find it hard to define “love”. But does love get any sweeter than giving someone reassurance and faith that you will be alongside them when they are going after their dreams or in doubt as to what their dreams may be?

How impressive is it that Justin Nozuka (@justinnozuka) started writing songs at the age of 12? Some of the songs on his first album Holly (named after his mother who always supported his career) were written by the time he was 15. When approached by Universal Records, he decided he wanted to “record an album on (his) own, with (his) own freedom”. What a testament to his belief in his own craft and skills. Don’t mistake this decision as one of a cocky youngster. His albums reflect depth and if you’re still not convinced take a listen to Holly or You I Wind Land and Sea. Justin fun facts: He’s acted in Degrassi (ahhhh I’ve revealed my vice), his mother’s half sister is Keira Sedgwick- the 7 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon game must be easy for him, and he is following 0 people on Twitter…take this for what you will…I’d like to think it’s because he’s too cool for digital distractions lol

Since we’re on a lovey dovey theme today…my favorite love song off of Justin’s 2nd album is My Heart Is Yours. Also, check out his cover of Sade’s By Your Side (sigh….such beauty in these written words).

I tend to like a good folk, acoustic, soul artist but my favorite part of Nozuka’s voice is how he can transition from a sweet high-pitched note to a rugged rasp tone w/out effort. These talents got him noticed by Wu-Tang Clan member RZA who got hold of his single “Gone”, included Kobra Khan and James Black and created a tribute to Ol’ Dirty Bastard in 2011.

I love it when different genres come together unexpectedly! I also love that Wikipedia says Justin Nozuka is in the studio working on an album slated to be released in 2013. Tick Tock Justin…we’re in need of some new tunes from you!

Congratulations to Mimi and Juls! Words can’t express my excitement!

What love songs would you chose to celebrate your loved one’s love? Are you looking forward to Justin Nozuka’s new album?


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