How Twitter gave me Delicious Sessions

I have to admit that I am VERY late to the whole Twitter trend. The only reason I even considered becoming more active is because a lot of artists control their own feeds (that is right up my alley…not sure if I’m meaning for a pun to be intended here 😉 ) and a friend (@jrbuckley68) has motivated me to become more active. I can’t say that I can keep up with the big dogs on Twitter, however, I also can’t say that I regret my decision to add this to my list of things I do on a daily basis. One reason? Access and connections to artists that I may have otherwise never known about (I spoke about my love for the Internet in a previous blog as well).

Becky Jerams (@beckyjerams) is her name. I have NO idea how she found me or why she started to follow me (wow, I’m really selling my twitter feed here huh?). At that time I had a super impressive 15 followers which has more impressively grown to 36…if you haven’t picked up on the sarcasm I’ll help you out…I am being sarcastic. But I should also mention that I am a big believer in ‘quality not quantity’….no, I am not saying that to feel better about myself lol


Whoa I TOTALLY digress…anyways, I had the chance to check out Becky’s ‘Delicious Sessions’ yesterday.  Now I’m a nice person, but not so nice that I would take my time to blog about someone just because they were my 16th Twitter follower and complimented my blog (although flattery can get you everywhere…I kid, I kid). I found myself listening to these four songs over and over yesterday afternoon while working. You can listen to my favorite here…I found a great live version of Becky performing ‘Biggest Regret’.

What initially struck me about this Portsmouth born singer/songwriter is the simplicity of the music that accompanies her voice which allows her vocals to shine. I also think the pairing of specific musical instruments alongside Becky’s vocals is exquisite. Immediately, I couldn’t help but compare her to an artist or song I had heard before but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Until I realized that it reminded me Chantal Kreviazuk’s ‘Feels Like Home’ as well as being reminiscent of an Ingrid Michealson (@ingridmusic) song. Upon further research it makes sense that one of Becky Jeram’s influencers is actually Ingrid Michaelson along with Tori Amos (@therealtoriamos). If you are fan of either of those artists I suggest you take the time to listen to what Becky has to offer. Also, check out the making of her EP by clicking here.

I was also not surprised to find out that Becky has been a “commercial pop music” songwriter. In my opinion songwriters sometimes make the best artists when they transition over to performing on their own e.g. Ne-Yo, Bruno Mars, Skylar Grey…just to name a few. Her most notable written song is La La Love featured in Mandy Moore’s (@TheMandyMoore) film Love Wedding Marriage. Also, check out some of  her other written songs performed in duets. I love her version of Wild World (which says a lot because you don’t wanna mess that joint up).

So I ask…do you have 17 minutes to listen to music, in the near future? Take a gamble on an artist whose melodic melodies may just have you listening to the same 4 songs all afternoon just like they did to me.

What do you think of Becky’s live acoustic sessions? Do you have any other recommendations of artists who are not “main-stream”?

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2 responses to “How Twitter gave me Delicious Sessions

  1. Hey Ally! Thank you sooo much for this lovely article, it totally made my day and I am so happy you liked the EP so much ❤ I really like Chantal Kreviazuk so that is awesome you made the comparison!! I was actually adding people on Twitter who followed other musicians I liked in the hope they might like my stuff too (I think it may have been through Tristan Prettyman!!) – so I really appreciate you taking the time to listen. I will def keep reading your blog and link it to all my friends/followers 😀 x


    • You are very welcome Becky! Keep doing what you are doing! I really enjoyed the EP 🙂 Thanks for helping spread the word on my blog….I’m grateful that you have enjoyed it!


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