PatCast by Train’s Patrick Monahan = PHE NOM I NAL!!

A new outlet I’ve currently been digging (as my Uncle Dean likes to say) are podcasts. Some of you may think “get with the times Ally”…I know, I know but there are only 24 hours in the day people 🙂

If I can take a moment I’d like to applaud my new favorite podcast or should I say PatCast.


Pat Monahan, lead singer of Train (@train), is the host. His reason for starting a podcast? He said he doesn’t have time to meet new people or hang out with his friends (ahhh the trials of being a celebrity) and thought “maybe this was a great way to do that as well as meet new people”. The result? A total music lovers geekfest! Not only does he utilize his personal relationships with the artists he’s interviewing (insert hysterical banter as well as getting them to share stories that not even Oprah could get…ok maybe Oprah could but definitely not Ryan Seacrest) but he also performs with the artists who are interviewed….Hellloooo can you say PHE NOM I NAL??!!

Not only do I love his interviewing abilities, being an artist himself allows him to relate and ask poignant questions, but I also love that these artist are sharing intimate details about their lives, careers, views, lyrics….overall, you just start to understand the method to the madness from each of these artists which makes my day as a music fan.

Let me briefly try to sell you on 2 of the first 4 podcasts in the hopes that you will also go subscribe for PatCast.

First up, is a longtime friend of Pat’s, Matt Nathanson (@mattnathanson). If you don’t know who he is…shame on you and I have nothing else to say to you 😉 Better yet…if you don’t know who he is take a listen to this podcast and get to know him ***Warning content may not be appropriate for minors but this New Yorker will always appreciate a sporadic F bomb…sorry mom 🙂

Potcast Highlights: When asked if he thought his new album ‘Last of the Great Pretenders’ was his best yet, his facetious response was “The joy of being a narcissus is that I think they are ALL great “ LOL However, I happen to agree that they are ALL great.  The  performance of “Mission Bells” with Pat is a must listing and his quote “I’d have confidence that I don’t want to march with the Nazis” will have you chuckling outloud (36 mins in). A song/artist he wishes didn’t exist? You’ll have to listen to find out…

Singer/Songwriter Ashley Monroe (@ashleymonroe) of Pistol Annies (@PistolAnnies) and “Bruises” was a refreshing surprise for me in Pat’s 3rd podcast. Even if I didn’t like her music (which I totally do by the way) I would still obsess over her after listening to this interview with Pat. This gorgeous lady from Tennessee states that she never had a back-up plan if music didn’t work out for her. I love this confidence and passion! Pat Monahan dubbed her as the “future of country music” and describes her lyrics as “heartbreaking but very sarcastic”- I couldn’t use better words to describe her songs as well as her humor.  Take a listen to her podcast by clicking here.

Also, click here to read a review that I 100% agree with in regards to Ashley’s newest album ‘Like a Rose’.

When I realized that I NEEDED to jump on the Ashley Monroe fan train was when I listened to her verse that she performed of “The Weight” while on tour with Train, The Script, and Gavin DeGraw. Man…her voice is a total stand out when she hits her country twang…not to mention that I LOVE this song as you can read in a previous blog.

For the 100th time I am SO bummed I was not able to see this concert…do you see how amazing their lovefest and comradery is? From these podcasts you KNOW this is genuine. Please also take note of Pat Monahan making fun of Gavin DeGraw (@GavinDeGraw) in this video which he mentions in his 4th podcast with this artist.  Click to listen to that podcast here. My favorite quote from this podcast is “My family also taught me how to hold a grudge for eternity and then pass it on to my children” LOLOL

Also it should be noted that I loved ALL 4 podcasts including his 2nd podcast with Michael Franti (@michaelfranti). PLEASE take a listen to this podcast to get to know him better as well. To me his voice reminds me of Randy Newman with a reggae twist. He’s also responsible for one of the best feel good songs EVER “Say Hey (I love you)’.

If I haven’t sold you yet (which is embarrassing b/c I work in the sales area lol) here are my top reasons for taking a listen to PatCast:

1)      The hysterical laughter imbedded in these podcast is contagious

2)      These are some of the most insightful interviews I have ever heard with artists

3)      You’ll 100% become a fan of 5 new artists…..enough said!!

Thank you Pat Monohan for taking time to create PatCast!

What do you think of PatCast? Are there any music podcasts that I should be listening to?


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