2013 VMA highlights and Miley Cyrus’ lowlight

I may be a day late and a dollar short on this one but let’s review some highlights and lowlights of this years MTV Video Music Awards.

Taking place in Brooklyn, which I think is totally cool, this year’s VMAs brought some outstanding moments along with some moments that air on the side of wishing they could be forgettable. Let me walk you through some of my thoughts…


Best Red Carpet AnnouncementDanity Kane is back together!

I’m sure most of my readers will not care. But these are 5 talented, empowered women and I was SO sad to see them break up. My bestie, and roommate at the time, sings “You’re not gonna bring me down today” to her new baby which is a testament to the Making the Band era!

Artist who can always kill an opening goes to: Lady Gaga

MTV are no dummies…I mean she totally killed the opening! I’m not sure I quite understand her ‘I can’t blink’ face in the begging of her performance but Lady Gaga has built a career on people not necessarily understanding all of her artistry. I can vouch that her concerts are exactly like this performance…so if you ever get a chance to see her…GO! One thing I LOVE about Gaga is that she always gives every performance her all. I’m so happy she has healed from her injuries earlier this year. And let’s be honest only she can have a dancer splash random paint on her face and pull it off! The 4 wardrobe changes don’t hurt my enthusiasm for this opening act performance.

Best Dressed Goes to: Selena Gomez

Wearing a navy Atelier Versace dress this young lady certainly understands how to add a little va va voom to her wardrobe while still keeping her trendy yet classy image. Well done Selena…well done!


Winning Video that I was most proud of: Same Love

‘Same Love’ by Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, & Mary Lambert won ‘Best Video with a Social Message’. Whether you believe in this social message or not it’s hard to ignore its impact on an issue that greatly affects our society today.

Best acceptance speech of the night: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

In regards, to his win above he said…“I really wanted to win the best rap video (which he went on to win later) but this moonman stands for a lot more” “this is the most important record out of all of them” “Gay Rights are human rights”. Also, a highlight is that they made sure to acknowledge those who were important to their careers and who can resist an “awwwwwww” when Macklemore grabbed back the mic to give a shout out to his fiancé!

Favorite collaboration of the night: Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Mary Lambert and JENNIFER HUDSON!

No I do not want to marry this song but Mackelmore’s lyrics are poetry, Mary Lambert’s voice is from heaven and when you throw one miss Jennifer Hudson (who brought a new meaning to fabuliciousness appearance wise) in the mix….how impactful! I was speechless in regards to the beauty of this performance.

Artist I am going to check out immediately: Mary Lambert

Surprising enough it’s not MTV’s winner of artist to watch, I hope I don’t regret these comments like those who stated “The Beatles? They won’t make it long”, but I don’t even remember who won….Mary’s voice is so angelic…I’m looking in to her music as soon as I get a free moment.

Most talked about moment of the night for all the wrong reasons: Miley Cyrus’ performance

Miley ohhhh Miley…what the??? I have no words…oh wait here they come… Is there no one in her camp questioning the direction she is going?? Better question, I wonder if the back-up dancers really enjoyed dancing with big stuffed bears on their back (I’m pretty sure there should be some type of labor laws out there preventing things like that from happening). Typically, I like to a have a “live and let live” type of attitude but ohhhhh girl….can someone please help that poor girl point her moral compass closer to north. Part of me wonders if she was trying to one up a past Madonna or Britney Spears shock performance…epic fail. I mean it wasn’t even shocking…it was just crude and tasteless…to me it is almost mocking artistry. I think of all of these legitimate artists out there who will never get a chance to touch an audience on that type of scale…and that is how she has chosen to take advantage of such an amazing opportunity? Pretty depressing…

I have to giggle while thinking about what in the world must be going through Robin Thicke’s head during this performance…definitely taking mental notes of who was getting their pink slips after the performance I would guess.

Does it get any better than this moment: Justin Timberlake’s performance…obviously!

Justin Timberlake…the montage in the beginning was dope and so ridiculously nostalgic for me…who could have known one person could have that much swagger?? And then comes ‘Sexy Back’ while  bopping my head I think a “whew” might have actually came out of my mouth when he said “I still run this bitch” not many people can get away with that and still be endearing or solicit “whews” out of a grown woman’s mouth LOL…I also spied with my little eye Ivan (@ivankoumaev) from SYTYCD during “My Love”!! This performance should have closed the night out. Not only did Justin sing like a pimp, play the piano like a star, but he managed to do all of this while dancing his a** off. Pretty much all of his solo hits were played and I was impressed they didn’t leave any out.

Best VMA rumor come true: NSYNC reuniting

When Justin said “You asked for it!!”  I’ll have to admit it “hello my name is Ally Miller…and I squealed like a little school girl when I saw the NSYNC band members coming up out of the ground”. I’m okay admitting this now because even, Lady Gaga was caught rocking out like a school girl when they appeared.

Certainly, there were other great moments of the night however, these are just some of my highlights. You can check out the whole show by clicking here.

One thing I realized is that I don’t watch nearly enough music videos anymore…what I’ve forgotten is that they touch me sometimes as much as the songs do. I spent 2 hours last night watching videos LOL…

What videos do you love that you think I’m missing out on?

(Images via ibtimes and posh24)


2 responses to “2013 VMA highlights and Miley Cyrus’ lowlight

  1. Part of me wonders if she was trying to one up a past Madonna or Britney Spears shock performance…epic fail. I mean it wasn’t even shocking…it was just crude and tasteless…to me it is almost mocking artistry. ——Summed up perfectly!


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