Let Aloe Blacc speak to your Soul

Aloe Blacc aka Egbert Nathaniel Dawkins III (which by the way is a phenomenal name…I understand why this is not the best stage name but I might instigate a protest if he ever has a son and his name is NOT little Egbert the forth)….wait a minute what’s my point…oh yeah…Aloe Blacc (@aloeblacc) is basically the MAN !

Aloe Blacc 4

I hate to admit it but I am a little bit of a TV junkie however, the good news about that is that I have found some amazing artists due to watching TV. HBO, ABC, and believe it or The WB have been some of my favorite channels to get new music from. Sometimes it’s from promos, sometimes it’s during a show, but this time it was from the opening title track on the HBO series, How to Make It in America. I thought for sure this series, produced by Mark Wahlberg, about two hustling 20 somethings trying to make it in NYC would be a hit but alas even Bryan Greenberg’s (@bryangreenberg) attractiveness couldn’t entice a following. However, what made it as a staple in my ITunes play list was Aloe Blacc’s song I Need A Dollar.

Ahhhhh you had me at the punchy piano and the opening line “I need a dollar” not because I’m unemployed (knock on wood, knock on wood) or anything but because I am totally refreshed by the soulfulness that this song brings. The Gizzle Review phrased it best when they stated that this song “marks a return to traditional songwriting and motown sensibility, with a tight funk/soul band and smooth vocal”.

Do you ever think “Man I hate the dance and electronic music craze that is going on”? That’s exactly what I think ALL the time. I totally respect the artistry but the songs never strike any sort of chord with me…until the skies cleared and Ahhhhh (insert holy music playing) I heard Aviici’s ‘Wake Me Up’. The only reason I even clicked on the song was because I saw the “ft. Aloe Blacc”. Turns out I am obsessed with this electronic, folk and soul, dance party collaboration. Nothing is more fabulous then when different genres come together! This song had me at the acoustic guitar opening…

I’ve been completely on this hippie dippy spiritual, meaning of life journey lately so maybe that’s why this song speaks so perfectly to my soul. There is not a lyric in this song I don’t love! My top 3 are:

  • I tried carrying the weight of the world….but I only had two hands
  • Life’s a game made for everyone and love is the prize
  • All this time I was finding myself and I didn’t know I was lost

I thought for a moment that I would explain why these lyrics mean  so much to me but instead I challenge you to soak in these lyrics…hopefully they will touch your life just as they have mine. If nothing else this song is an amazing track to bop your head to!

Do either of these songs speak to your soul?

(image via shegor1981.blogspot.com)


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