Delta Rae is the answer….Catching the Fire!!

I’m always on the hunt for that sound/song that I hear and just clicks with my music pallet. As if it were meant to be…Delta Rae entered my life…First, my bestie Mimi e-mailed saying “I just heard these guys on Connan and they were pretty damn good”. A couple hours later a co-worker e-mailed with a bunch of new songs she had, including Delta Rae’s latest album…ok Music Gods I hear you loud and clear!


I’m a total sucker for co-ed ensembles; Black Eyed Peas (@bep), Lady Antebellum (@ladyantebellum), and maybe that’s why I’m a Gleek? This ensemble started as a foursome comprised of the 3 Holljes siblings (at a very early age) and their old friend Elizabeth Hopkins. In 2010, they were joined by drummer Mike McKee (who resembles Mat Kearney btw) and bassist Grant Emerson.  The harmonizing that this group is able to produce is simply out of this world. It was this insane harmonic sound that got the attention of Seymore Stein and started their journey with Warner Brothers.

So I ask you…is there anything worse than unrequited love? The song that got me hooked on Delta Rae (@DeltaRae) might be the definition of unrequited in the dictionary. Also, Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, has teamed up with the group to play guitar on this sensitive track “If I Loved You.” Take a listen…

After reading their bio on their website I think I understand why they are able to create such an exceptional sound! They seem to truly understand each other’s talents and utilize those sounds to create a “richness of Americana, of gospel, bluegrass, blues and pop”.

Here are the songs I recommend you check out first! Because Delta Rae offers a variety of sounds I think I have selected an ecclectic mix that will represent their album Catching the Fire. Click on the song title to listen.

  • Holding on For Good…the beginning started out sounding like Mumford and Sons to me and then turned into a beautiful, Tori Amos, piano heavy, sound. I’m infatuated by how the energy fluctuates in this song.
  • Morning Comes…. my favorite quotes, on the album, come from this track…”the devil’s in the details and he’s taking his toll” “the rain don’t change the sun….. jealous is the night when the morning comes but it always comes.”
  • Is There Anyone Out Therejust like Eminem says you’ll “lose yourself in the music” in this song. This song packs sprititual moments…I literally closed my eyes and just started swaying my head (probably not the best thing to do at work but that gives you an idea of the impact)…I had no idea what they lyrics were or what the song meant but it was so powerful to me that it didn’t matter…ju
  • Bottom of the River ….this song sounds right out of the prohibition days in the south. I love how the instruments are very simplistic which allows the vocals to be the focal point. This song creates an eery but yet intriguing sound which is a must listen.

If you’re in the mood for a tender track…Delta Rae is the answer! If you’re in the mood for little bluegrass dinner party track…Delta Rae is the answer! If you’re in the mood for a raspy lead vocal…Delta Rae is the answer! If you’re in a spiritual mood…Delta Rae is the answer!! Basically Delta Rae is the answer!!

Earlier this year Delta Rae was on a co-headlining tour with ZZ Ward (who I saw at The Ritz and made a lasting impression) however, they have some events here and there, click here to see if they’re in your neck of the woods. I can’t wait to check this band out live…hopefully very soon!

Check out Carrying the Fire immediately people!!

Are you as blown away with Delta Rae as I am?


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