The Voice is back!

Now there may be a plethora of primetime singing competitions but somehow I’m always hooked because I just LOVE seeing new talent!


I really miss Usher’s swagger and Shakira’s outfits however, I’m loving #VoiceReunited. Although I’m a little baffled by CeeLo’s (@CeeLoGreenxx) head tattoo I must say that Ms. Christina Aguilera (@xtina) is looking fierce this season!

Monday night’s premier left me excited about what was to come but I have to admit that I was left underwhelmed with some of the talent. Somewhat “ok been there…seen that”

However a standout on night 1 would have to be Matthew Schuler who sang the very powerful song “Cough Syrup”. His 4 chair turnaround was the fastest in the show’s history. This was a huge win for #TeamXtina!! Click here to see his performance…he’s sure to be a standout on her team!

On Tuesday night, when Holly Henry’s (@hollymaehenry) story started I was instantly hooked….especially when she described herself as “not anti-social but a little awkward”. Her “silky” voice gave me chills the entire time…when they flashed to her little brother crying after each judge turned around I also started crying, shamelessly. Although her style is not reminiscent to Danielle Bradberry her humbleness might be even more endearing than last year’s Voice winner. The fact that she sang one of my favorite Coldplay songs (I will now have 3 different versions of ‘The Scientist downloaded) doesn’t hurt either. I hope she sticks around for a long time!

Best song choice of the night? ‘Simple Man’ sang by a heartfelt Austin Jenckes. Like Ceelo said he’s got “soul power”.

If you ever wanted to be teleported back to the 60’s listen to Johnny Gray’s performance. The fact that this man has served our country, in the airforce, as well as had a day (January 26th) dedicated to him, in Austin, speaks volume of his character! Cee Lo will soon learn how epic his choice words were when fighting over this musician. I was certain he was going to pick Team Adam however Cee Lo quoting Pearl Jam made the difference is this artist’s decision. I personally think it will be a good fit 🙂

I’m super excited to see who else makes the cut!

Who do you think is the one to watch on season 5 of The Voice?

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