Gavin Degraw’s ‘Make a Move’ Preview on VH1

It’s amazing how music really is the answer to everything! In the mist of uncertainty and strife in my life VH1 offered an Exclusive Album Premiere of Gavin DeGraw’s (@GavinDegraw) latest album “Make a Move”, release date October 15th. And just like a “drug that went straight to my vein” all was right with the world for those 39 minutes.


My very first blog EVER was highlighting Gavin’s first single of the track #BestI’veEverHad (click here to read). Certainly, you could tell from that song that this upstate New Yorker is pushing his boundaries, expanding his sound and the album, in its entirety, is no exception.

The next exposure I had was to a song that the public currently has access to…take a listen:

I can very much relate to ‘Who’s Gonna Save Us’; being that I am somewhat risk adverse, always contemplating decisions and relive moves I make over and over again in my head….but I can also certainly relate to the notion that there really are those decisions that are driven by the heart that are “just too strong to fight”.

“Everything Will Change” is an ultimate motivational song with a hint of The Script style present (possibly a pick up from their summer tour together) when you hear the chant “you could talk the talk talk or you could walk the walk walk” in the background.

Gavin exudes wittiness and has a keen sense of humor so I can only imagine the stories and laughter that were shared during the writing of “Finest Hour”. Now this song made me giggle…whether you want to admit it or not…most of us have our own moments reminiscent in this song! I mean of course I haven’t been there eveeeer…(no dear friends this is not the time for you to think you are funny by calling out my sarcasm and giving examples of when I have been there in the comments section below LOL) It reminds me of the quote “I live for the nights I can’t remember with the people I can’t forget” and I think the lyric is totally accurate that states “they say the best always come from the worst nights

If you pay close attention there are some artists producing a lot of great material these days and this album is no exception…in fact Gavin’s been on a roll with a little help from talents like Ryan Tedder (@RyanTeddder) of One Republic and Martin Johnson (@martinsays) of Boys Like Girls. Gavin’s PR/Marketing team has really stepped it up and offered fans a look into the making of ‘Make a Move’:

I for one can’t wait until I have access to it all the time! In the meantime, click here to hear ‘Make a Move’ on VH1. OR Click here to pre-order the album.

What do you think of the Gavin Degraw’s latest album?

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