Check out Colours latest….The Man Unknown


Colours has released their latest and it’s for sure worth checking out!

I absolutely love the venue of choice where they shot their video, it sets the tone for the song perfectly. I’ll have to convince them to share the location in the hopes that I might be able to hang there some time 🙂 Not only is the venue great but the song follows right in line with my past review of their EP Skin & Bones. They have such a unique sound that it’s definitely a stand out with what is currently in the market place.

The band recently posted on their FB page:

“Colours first show! November 15th Colours will be performing live for the first time in Sarasota Florida. Tickets are limited to 100 audience members who will be involved in a very intimate live setting with the band. Tickets are already going fast so email Colours at to get yours for $5. If you aren’t in the Florida area don’t worry, the performance will be streamed live, worldwide, at 8:00 on their youtube page(coloursfl). Playing songs off their released EP and new songs off their upcoming LP, Colours will also speak of their future and answer online questions live.”
$5!!! What a steal!!! I for one am totally going to try to make it and I encourage anyone in the area to do the same! I have a feeling that their music will radiate to your soul in such an intimate setting! If you can’t make it, how rad is it that you can watch their show live on youtube?!
Are you going to try to make the show? What do you think of The Man Unknown?
(Image via Colours FB page)

2 responses to “Check out Colours latest….The Man Unknown

  1. Hey,
    My name is Kelsie, Matt’s wife and Jim Buckley’s daughter : ) thanks for your awesome posts about the guys’ music. The video was shot at a local (and amazing) restaurant here in Sarasota called Owen’s fishcamp. Definitely worth checking out for the atmosphere and for sure the amazing food! If you do end up being able to make it to the show please introduce yourself to me or one of the boys!! Thanks again!


    • Hey Kelsie! You are more then welcome however, I wouldn’t spend time writing about them if I didn’t truly enjoy their music! They truly are super talented! I will definitely have to check that place out next time I am in that neck of the woods! Thanks for giving me the name. Unfortunately, the tickets were sold out before I could see if I could make the trip down there however, I LOVE that they’ll be streaming the show so I’m gonna try and catch it online 🙂


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