“Kate’s Getting Married!!!”


My past weekend was filled with the chant “Kate’s Getting Married!!!” coming from the voices of those dearest to me. So who is Kate? Kate is one of my childhood best friends. That is a description in its simplest form however, Kate is way more than that description. Possibly a repeat from the Limits wedding toast but Kate is insanely witty and funny, she has the most impeccable taste in everything (check out her wedding pics in this post), she meets every expectation on the loyalty spectrum, and ever since she invited me to go with her to get her hair done, in 8th grade, I’ve loved being around Kate because she has this way of always making you feel so very special and loved! I’ve always cherished our silly and thoughtful times together!

Kate’s husband Brian isn’t too shabby himself. Us girls happen to have grown up with Brian. He also happens to be our best friend Lisa’s cousin. But the best thing Brian happens to be is the love of Kate’s life. These two perfect each other in every way…it’s a wonder how all of us missed this amazing connection growing up but life is all about timing right? Brian is the most stand up man whose loyalty is parallel to that of Kate’s. It’s hard for me to find the perfect words to describe how perfectly he loves Kate! But to give you an idea, I asked Brian “What 3 things do you want to happen to make your wedding day perfect?” His response? “Kate to be happy”. One of my favorite past times has been seeing the fun adventures these two take together which have included row boating and going to tree house conferences.


#thenewpisanellis wedding weekend was nothing less than perfection.

The blessing of growing up with 2 people who found love with each other as adults is that you can truly see the transformation that each brings to the other. If it’s possible these two make each other even better human beings. To me the song that epitomizes this love is as follows:

Ray LaMontagne has been on my “love a lot” list for years! I love the rasp and soulfulness that he brings to the table as well as the fact that he can pull off a melody on the same level as a Nick Drake tune. I encourage you to click on the title of some of my other favs to see what else he’s all about!

Shelter – “I guess that you don’t need it, I guess you don’t need me to repeat it but everything I have to give I’ll give to you” le sigh

Empty – Don’t listen to this one when melancholy but it’s so darkly beautiful it has to be on the list

Trouble – This track is addicting when Ray hits his “Saaaavvveed” note

Hold You in My Arms-nothing is sexier than a man who will be there for his woman no matter what.

Personally, for me, one of the BEST moment of the night was the closing song of the night. Now if you went to our high school you pretty much remember this song as a Poughkeepsie anthem in the late 90’s. It also wasn’t even a question if you liked Third Eye Blind or not…they were just our reality. Imagine a huge circle with friends and family arm in arm surrounding the couple we were there to celebrate. Now envision when the chorus picks up at “I’ve never been SO alive” all of those people storming towards the bride and groom jumping up and down only to be followed by them being propped up on shoulders. This was the song that was playing:

I never take for granted a single day that I get to go home and be surrounded by people who have known me forever and extend their love and laughter my way.

Here’s hoping that Kate and Brian’s days are blessed with as many good times as their wedding weekend provided!


What have been the most memorable songs played at weddings you’ve attended?


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