My Top 4 Joshua Radin Concert Take Aways

And the day finally came. The day where I would become so in awe of someone’s talent that my inner geek and shy kid was in full effect. However, it’s not every day that you get to have such a marvelous night. It all started with a VIP meet and greet with one of my all-time favorite musicians, Joshua Radin. 25 lucky fans got to walk into the empty floor at The Ritz (@TheRitzYbor) early for an intimate performance. I was absolutely geeking out! I mean who gets to do this?!


My top 4  quick take aways of Joshua Radin’s VIP M & G:

1)      My how awkward these things can be! lol I mean what is the proper etiquette? Are you supposed to run up to the stage? (no, is the answer as Joshua explained to some VIP fans… “the speakers are set back further and you’ll be able to hear the music better if you step back”) I would imagine it’s more awkward for the musician who has to stand there with 25 strangers gawking at them. When you turn this awkwardness into a comfortable and inviting atmosphere your name must be Joshua Radin.

2)      Be prepared with song requests from different albums! I know this sounds like a no brainer but I think we take for granted that just because we listen to certain tracks on repeat from 1, 5, or 10 years ago doesn’t mean the artist is practicing it on his/her tour bus for the moment he is lucky enough to meet us and get the request. Joshua exclaimed “man, you guys are going WAY back”. However, I loved these interactions because it really allowed you an intimate look into Joshua’s humor when he couldn’t remember how to play certain songs.


3)      You are not just a number. Well, at least not to Joshua Radin and our new comrade Stephen who got a special call out when we walked in from this artist “Stephen, right?!” (I’m pretty sure this made his life) Stephen has been to numerous shows and met Joshua before. I mean obviously artists are just human beings but I could go on for days just how personable, cool, and down to earth Joshua Radin was. Remembering fans is just a simple example of these characteristics.

4)      Lastly, think about what you might talk about if you actually get to meet one of your favorite artists. I was not a great example of this as I think the words “I’m sorry I’m just geeking out a little right now” actually came out of my mouth….eeeeekkkkkk good thing I didn’t have a paper bag or I would have put it over my head for the rest of the night lol However, I hope Joshua can appreciate my pretty genuine reaction as his music has meant a great deal to me through the years and I am just in awe of his immense talent. Other things I learned from our interaction? Tampa was his favorite stop so far on this tour (yeah yeah yeah you say that to all the girls Joshua) but I half way believed him when he explained that he LOVES stone crab and got to enjoy some earlier in the day. Just check his Twitter feed if you don’t believe me. @joshuaradin

Now flash forward to the “regular people” concert…I kid I kid LOL And the night just kept getting better! I got to connect with some other people who also attended the VIP event. Man how this made my night!! There was laughter, stimulating conversations about music, hot dogs, and our infamous trust circle that allowed us to always maintain our spots up front while others went to get drinks.


Typically when I adore an artist as much as Joshua Radin it is hard for me to pick my favorite, performance moment of the night…I can’t say that in this case. That moment came with his closing song of the night. He requested (while giving audience members R rated, action permission if this request wasn’t met) that the room be quiet as he turned the microphone down towards his guitar.  I never have, but if YOU ever have  questioned the legitimacy of this artist’s talent…question no more:

I’ve never quite gotten the chills during a concert as I did in this moment. The purity of Joshua Radin’s voice unmasked by any sound system or recording studio took my breath away. Kudos should be given to Joshua’s extremely talented accompanying guitar player Brandon Walters (@bwalters), of My Name Is You, as well. Together they totally killed their version of Bob Dylan’s folk song “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright”.


Being so close to the stage allowed me to fully soak in every toe tapping beat radiating off of Joshua Radin’s foot as well as the haunting melodies he exudes when he’s singing with his eyes closed. There aren’t that many artists that you come across who you can tell are genuinely in tune with the music they are playing.  I also genuinely feel every song when I’m at a concert…if you look at the bottom right in this video… that bopping head most likely belongs to me:

I also love how during his shows he is candid about the fact that his “sad songs” are his “bread and butter” LOL I haven’t gotten to hear him describe the writing process behind ‘You Got Growing Up To Do’ at previous concerts, only that it’s about a past relationship. However, during this show he explained that he literally wrote this song, in the rain, 15 minutes after his break up with his ex.

I am still so surprised when I ask people if they know who Joshua Radin is and they say “who?”. I’ve heard Joshua say that he likes it when people know his “old stuff” but he really enjoys it and is thankful when people know his “new stuff”. Do yourselves a tremendous favor by never having to ask “who?” again! Go check out his latest, self-released album, Wax Wings, IMMEDIATELY by clicking HERE!

Joshua Radin only made up ½ of the performances that night! More to come soon in regards to my Matt Nathanson experience! They are both SO phenomenal I couldn’t do them a disservice by including them in the same post 🙂

What have been your “geeking out” moments at concerts? What musicians have you seen that genuinely feel the music they are playing?


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