Matt Nathanson The Last Great Pretenders


I’m sorry I’m sorry…this is a LONG time coming! But I hope to not disappoint with the awesomeness that is the music of Matt Nathanson. I will be bold enough to say that I believe The Last of the Great Pretenders is one of the best albums of 2013. If you haven’t purchased it I give you permission to leave my blog, click on this link and do so IMMEDIATELY!!

I wish that I could say that I grabbed on to the underground concert circuit coolness that is Matt Nathanson (@mattnathanson) when he first hit the scene in the early 90’s but none the less I’m more than okay with the term “better late than never” in this case. His musical appeal hit home when I became hooked on his 8th album Some Mad Hope. Click here to listen. Specifically Still, To the Beat of Our Noisy Hearts, Detroit Waves and his most recognizable hit off this album Come on Get Higher resonated with my life at the time.


But let’s get into Matt’s current state of affairs which comes in the form of his recent tour with Joshua Radin, to promote Last of the Great Pretenders. One cannot express how hard it is for a musical blogger to not write about an album that they play on repeat however, I knew I had his concert coming up and thought I’d detail all my thoughts in one entry.

After my high wore off from getting to meet Joshua Radin and his phenomenal set I’m not sure that anyone other than Matt Nathanson could have kept the elation running through my veins. First, I must note that I completely understand how Matt has kept such a loyal fan base through the years. He truly feels his music. Not only that but he gets this goofy yet ridiculously charming grin on his face when he sings certain lyrics or catches someone really feeling his music or singing lyrics to a lesser known song (I happened to be on the opposite end of that charming grin when I was belting out Sky High Honey practically alone….well, I like to think it was because he appreciate a true fan however, it very well could have been an “oh you poor thing with no tone” smile). I bring this up to acknowledge the fact that he truly engages his fan which leaves you wanting the show to never end!

Now, Adam Levine has become notorious for his “moves like Jagger” and I must say that he’s created an awesome niche for himself however, ladies…Matt Nathanson’s swiveling hips gives both Adam and Elvis a run for their money. PS) The locks and the dimples obviously don’t hurt either.  Click here to see Matt’s moves and listen to his stellar song Car Crash.

I love a good story and I especially appreciated Matt’s commentary during his show. We learned the inspiration behind  Kinks Shirt as well as the fact that the inspiration behind a lot of his songs is well….sex. LOL I throw in the LOL because I should also mention that Matt has a wit like no other and his banter with the crowd was almost as enjoyable as his performance. I especially appreciated his impression of himself falling and hurting himself while on a leisurely bike ride in St.Augustine. Because of this he hurt his shoulder which created an awkward switching of guitars which may have gone un noticed had he of not opted to make fun of himself, which by the way makes him more endearing. One of the highlights also came from a moment where he explains his theory…please click here to watch this video while hilarity ensues.

Some highlights of the show were: (Click on the links to listen)

Mission Bells

Annie’s Always Waiting (For the Next One to Leave)


The show ended and TEAR 😦 A great night had ended. We decided to end the night with a cigar and drink being that we were in Ybor. We made that decision but the universe had something cooler in store for us as we ran into the bassist, Shiben Bhattacharya, and drummer from Matt’s band who recognized us (not sure if that’s a good thing or not lol) and invited us to come hang with them much to the chagrin of some of the VIP ladies who had already connected with them after the show. None the less lol what cool and interesting guys! They had the best stories from their careers as musicians and the chill vibe created cool conversations and laughter. Not many people get to interact with people’s whose craft they admire and respect so much. Here’s a pic of us with Shiben.


Words probably can’t explain just how cool I think Matt Nathanson is and how much I respect his artistry. He definitely has a life long fan in this gal!

What is your favorite track off of Matt’s latest album? Have you seen him in concert yet?


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