Say Something…..I’m Giving Up On You


They say that “silence speaks louder than words”…in my life…right now…this quote has more significance than ever. Maybe because my love language might be words of affirmation or maybe because I have never been one to be content with words left unsaid…whatever the case when one is left to their own devices silence truly does speak volumes.

A Great Big World @AGreatBigWorld ft. Christina Aguilera @xtina have the song of the moment. And this song couldn’t epitomize my sentiments above more if it tried. In my head, every time the words “Say Something” is sung it is a plea to a loved one because you feel that with their silence you have no other choice but to “give up” on them. So I ponder..when silence is given, does one have any other choice but to give up?

Now, although I love the original version my emotions connect so whole heartedly with the beautiful rendition that Alex and Sierra @AlexandSierra3 performed on The X Factor. Indeed this version was SO phenomenal that my bf Mimi texted me “uhhhh who are these people??!!” translation “they are the sh*t”. She didn’t even know that this wasn’t their original song.

You can check out the original version HERE or buy Alex and Sierra’s version HERE.

As someone who gives their emotions to a select few I can understand the reason why silence might be your response at times.  However, if someone is important enough to you that them “giving up on you” is gut wrenching…SAY SOMETHING while you still have the chance.

Which version of “Say Something” do you prefer?


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