My Favorite Winter Songs

As I sit here crying, no I’m not depressed my sister insists on putting an exorbitant amount of onion in her stuffing which my poor brother-in-law has to chop up. This has resulted in my mom’s whole apartment fuming up making the Miller women retreat, with burning eyes, anywhere BUT near the kitchen. However, this also allows me some blogging time w/out feeling guilty that I should be helping do something on this Christmas Eve.


There are many holiday songs that of course are fabulous but there are two songs that I tend to only listen to during the Winter months because quite frankly it is the only season they make sense.

The first? Song for a Winter’s Night by Sarah McLachlan. @SarahMcLachlan

Does it get more beautiful then Sarah’s voice?

The second? Winter Song by a dream collaborative effort for me of Ingrid Michaelson @ingridmusic and Sara Bareilles @SaraBareilles.

With very similar themes of love and yearning for “that person” during the cold winter months I absolutely love the beauty in these lyrics.

At some point during the winter, I recommend turning off your lights, burning candles, and snuggling up with a cozy blanket while watching the snow fall and listening to these songs.

I hope you all have blessed winter months.

What is your favorite winter song?


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