ZZ Ward’s ‘Put the Gun Down’ is a head bopper that transcends generations

Shame on me for not writing this blog after seeing ZZ Ward @ZZWard in concert at The Ritz months ago, however since then in the back of my mind, I kept thinking ‘why have I NOT written that blog yet?’ But I am fortunate to have the precious Ms. Adeline Rose to thank for the extra motivation and reminder. After listening to ZZ Ward’s song picture this delicious little girl belting it out of no where:


I know…it’s pretty insane that a 4-year-old has such impeccable taste in music right? When my bf Amanda picked a unique name for her daughter I don’t think she ever thought that one ZZ Ward would select it for lyrics to one of her songs. ‘Put The Gun Down’ is this generations version of Dolly Parton’s Jolene. Even months after only hearing this song once, live at her show, my brain still clicked when I heard a child sing it. Even though her version goes “Don’t take my man….don’t take my name*” LOL…I wish listening to this track could come even close to doing the live version justice…but hey you’ll just have to go check her out live for yourself.

She reminds me of Grace Potter @gracepotter mixed with P!NK @Pink. Super Soulful and Funky (in a good way). She has a voice beyond her 27 years but can hit that oh so sweet note that melodic ballads couldn’t live without. Which brings me to the first song I was drawn to from this “blues rock, pop rock, blue-eyed soul” artist. Last Love Song is a beautiful good-bye to not only an ex but the dreams that once gave you butterflies when you envisioned your life with that person. ZZ wrote this song after she found herself writing all her songs about an ex and she vowed this would be the last love song she would right about this person. Now I can’t promise this will inspire me to not to write any more blogs about my exes but I have found peace in this song after my current break up.

I think saying goodbye is one of the saddest things in the world and this song hits every emotion in the goodbye wheel house.

Not only is ZZ able to create an abundance of sounds through her music but she also plays guitar, piano and harmonica. She’s written songs with some talented folks including Kendrick Lamar @kendricklamar and one of my favorites Ryan Tedder @RyanTeddder.

Although she’s been singing since she was 12, my fellow Oregonian didn’t release her own music until 2012. Which leaves me asking….WHY is this girl not crazy main stream yet? Some shows have picked up her music but until she makes it super big I’m content with the possibility of being able to see her perform in super intimate settings.

To check out and buy her album Til the Castket Drops Click Here

Have you heard any of ZZ’s songs on tv? What do you think of this soulful beauty?


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