Aloe Blacc is ‘The Man’


Beats by Dre has, in my opinion, one of the best commercials of the moment and I would imagine is pulling at the masculine heart strings of alpha males all over the world. I may not fit in to that demographic but I was immediately drawn to one of my favorites vocals that play when Kevin Garnett puts on his headphones to escape the criticism of angry fans outside his bus.

Did you pick up on the play on Elton John’s “Your Song”? I’ve said it before but quite frankly Aloe Blacc @aloeblacc is the MAN! I can’t say I’m surprised that this brand has impeccable taste in music. Female’s please give this artist a chance despite his obvious masculine association in this ad.

Now, Wake Me Up has been covered  by I don’t know…the world…including being performed by contestants on both The Voice and X Factor . Although I appreciated those renditions Aloe Blacc’s stripped down acoustic version (Yes, folks the voice behind the music is Aloe Blacc NOT Avicci contrary to most people’s belief) is my preference. So even if you think this song is played out give a quick listen to his version.

This is not my first Aloe Blacc post (Click Here To Read My 1st Aloe Blog), it won’t be my last, but for the time being I implore you to check out his latest EP. It is very representative of the R & B/ Soul you can expect from this artist. I’m just waiting to hear Love Is The Answer on the soundtrack of the next big romantic comedy or Tyler Perry movie.

Click Here To Purchase Aloe’s latest EP.

What is your favorite track of Wake Me Up?


3 responses to “Aloe Blacc is ‘The Man’

  1. I have been going nuts trying to figure out who sings that song in the commercial. I love his voice! Thanks for introducing me to yet another fabulous artist 🙂 Your taste in music & writing is truly top notch!


    • You are too kind Kim 🙂 Aloe Blacc is SO talented. It’s amazing how many artists are not necessarily main stream but are phenomenal. We seem to have very similar tastes! Who are your favorite artists that I may not know about?


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