Chvrches Recover

I found this Chvrches @CHVRCHES song in the oddest of places…believe it or not this music buff can even find music while shopping at Forever21 LOL I’ll admit I’m not really in to the synth pop sound however, this song had me Shazaaming in the middle of a retail store in the mall. The chorus was somewhat addicting…

The lyrics “I’ll give you one more chance, To say we can change our old ways, And you take what you need, And you know you don’t need me” are a representation of a Sex and the City monologue that I play in my mind. It goes something like this “Why do exes always find “the one” after we break up. Are they really better human beings or have the just learned from you the ways they need to act to be tolerable enough to find someone who will marry them?” I say better to be the person that gives someone something they need then to be the taker who never gives to another human being.

I don’t know much about  Chvrches, other than I enjoy the innocence lead singer Lauren Mayberry’s voice portrays,  but I follow a blog written by Marisa D. Lyon who recently highlight Chvrches contribution to the Vampire Academy soundtrack. I encourage you to not only check out that blog but to also follow her if you enjoy hearing about lesser known artists.



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