Nikki Leonti…an immense talent you should discover.

So I have to admit that I have a girl crush. And by girl crush I mean I so fully admire this person and respect this artist’s talent that I sometimes wish I could be Nikki Leonti @Nikkileonti, but not in a single white female kind of way lol.  For those of you who ask “Nikki who?”…shame on you!


It all happened one night, I was watching Entourage and a unique yet catchy song came on. I quickly memorized the lyrics so I could google it the next day, this was pre Shazaam days. The song? Cat & Mouse by a group I hadn’t heard of named Nikki & Rich. As is my crazy music obsession I quickly found Next Best Thing, a performance on Ellen, and a Facebook follow ensued. He a debonair established hip-hop/R&B producer, from NY, with swagger and she a gorgeous, soulful, former Christian artist who has sang backups for the likes of Carrie Underwood @carrieunderwood . Together the music they created was so unique and original I was a little shocked that it didn’t reach higher levels of acclaim. By far the most addicting song for me off their album “Greatest Hits” was City Lights.

I’m obsessed with EVERY version of this song. Not only the additon of Fabulous’ smoothness, but the melodies, and the amazing lyrics that come from Nikki’s soulful lips. I’ll admit it…I used to actually listen to these 3 versions at work almost all day on rotation. Especially, b/c I love the second verse that is not present in the Fabulous version.

I’m not sure why they are no longer together but I for one am sad that this collaboration only had a short stint. But I am thankful for Nikki & Rich’s contributions to my playlist and for introducing me to the caliber of human being that Nikki is.

Her talent as a vocalist and songwriter are so obvious but if you follow her on any social site you might also pick up on what an extraordinary human being she is. I so completely envy people who are comfortable being exactly who they were born to be. Following Nikki on social media you’ll find that she exudes depth, goofiness, loyalty, style and pure passion for life, friends, music and her children.


Post Nikki & Rich days you can find this extroadinary talent performing every Sunday at The W in L.A. (Sigh…I’ll make it there one of these days) with some of her besties including Luke Edgemon @LukeEdgemon , who you might remember on season 4 of the voice. Oh and don’t forget about a cameo from Mr. Stevie Wonder himself…I mean hellooooo Stevie Wonder? I think Nikki’s face says enough about her thoughts on singing with this icon.


I know she’s always at the song writing…….one of her recent jems is Concret Stars featured on Showtime’s Californication and of course the beauty that is encompassed in The Walk. Recently, she lent her original song Same Kind of Man to American Idol winner Candace Glover @candaceglover . Glover’s new album titled ‘Music Speaks’ does just that while completely doing this song justice.

Nikki has also hashtagged #GleeSeason5 on some of her Instagrams shots ….I’m not sure what her role is in that. Does she sing? Does she write? I’d love more deets.

As for now, I’m hoping you’ll all jump on the Nikki Leonti train, listen to some of my favorites, below, courtesy of this talented woman, and ask the universe that I’ll be able to one day make it to Jazz night at The W.

Check out this blog interview with Nikki.

I love when girls sing rap songs

Great interview from On Air with Tony Sweet

Beautiful song I always send when a love one is going through a tough time

Jazz Night @ The W w/ Nikki Leonti

(Images via, Nikki Leonti’s FB)


4 responses to “Nikki Leonti…an immense talent you should discover.

      • The movie is really funny. it is called Eternity: The Movie, a comedy set in the 80s about a Hall and Oates-like duo. Nikki is kind of the catalyst for their success, but then also their downfall.


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