93.3 FLZ’s A Night With Paramore

It’s not every day you get an invite to a private Paramore @paramore show at The Hard Rock and it’s not every day that when your response is “YESSS!!!…..do you think you could get another ticket for my friend Kelli who LOVES Paramore?” that the answer to that questions is “Yes”.


I met Stephen when we were both fortunate enough to be 20 of the lucky few to get to see Joshua Radin perform an intimate hour set before his and Matt Nathanson’s show at The Ritz, in Ybor. Click HERE to read my blog on Joshua Radin @joshuaradin and Click HERE to read my blog on Matt Nathanson @mattnathanson.Our love of music has bonded us and I’m SO lucky he not only hooked us up with these tickets but go there early enough that we had the raddest spots to enjoy the show! It was very Kismet that I would get to go to this show as I had purchased Fall Out Boy @falloutboy and Paramore tickets for July at the Amphitheater, only to have my bestie (you know who you are…I won’t publically shame you) scheduled her wedding on that exact day….hoes before shows as the story goes.

I’ll have to admit, I’ve very much been a Paramore fan but more so a “I like Paramore’s latest single type of fan”. Now for those of you die hard Paramore fans who are hating me…. I know it’s a little unfair that I was “in like” with them when I got to see them in such an intimate fashion and not “in love” with them as many of the masses…I should 1) Clarify that I totally paid it forward as I brought my friend Kelli who is “in love” with them and 2) Mention that it took all of 3 seconds of the seeing the band live for me to know that I would be downloading entire albums upon my return home, which would imply I am now classified as “in lust” with this spectacular band.

In my opinion, Hayley Williams @yelyahwilliams can do no wrong. Clearly, she was born to sing to the masses. She has one of the best voices I’ve ever heard live. One might think that opinion comes from the fact that I got to see them perform in a smaller venue with only 99 of my new best friends however, I am told that this translates to larger venues as well. Now just because my bestie ruined their summer tour for me doesn’t mean she has to ruin it for you. It’s a MUST to go check them out! Click HERE to check out their website and tour dates.  Might I add that only a true beauty can pull off wearing a neon green alien shirt and still look gorgeous!


Now on to the show. I was instructed to record ‘In to You’ by my best friend Mimi whose fiancé always sings that song to her (click here to read up on Juls and Mimi). Lucky for me it was their opening number. Unlucky for you, the feel was SO contagious that I started jumping along with the crowd initially until I was pulled back into the reality that I was filming the song for someone.

The crowd at 93.3 flz’s A Night with Paramore…..got to experience first hand what an intimate performance was all about. Hayley opened up that she typically get’s nervous in front of larger crowds so she often doesn’t talk as much or tell as many stories as she did during this night.

Some of what I learned was that they wrote:

‘Playing God’ at a time when they were feeling judged

‘Last Hope’ when she was wanting more from life

And my favorite, personal unknown from the night ‘In the Mourning’ is about “letting go”. They more than beautifully intertwined this song with ‘Landslide’ and I can’t say that I’ve ever heard a pairing more cohesive or impactful.

Another personal highlight was my personal power song of 2007…‘Misery Business’ which gives the big middle finger to lame exes of your current significant other. Hayley has said of the song it is “more honest than anything I’ve ever written, and the guys matched that emotion musically.” Perfectly put Hayley.[

Ever present was the energy of Paramore’s loyal fans who made the show all that more impactful. I’d recommend going if for no other reason but the electricity of their fans. Especially, our new friend who got the set list and was able to get Hayley Williams to sign it. I swear half of the awesomeness of the show was seeing her excited for her favorite band. PS) Sometimes you just look like a loser when you photo bomb…exhibit A


The band has been around since 2004 which eliminates any question on whether they have longevity or not. So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself “in love” with Paramore.

One more special shout out Thank You to my boy Stephen for this amazing experience and helping me jump on the Paramore train fully!


What do you all think about Paramore? Will you go check them out this summer?

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(images via shaylamwebb.blogspot.com and Kelli M’s FB)



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