The Fault in Our Stars but not in its Soundtrack


I know I know it’s A Walk to Remember all over again and without even seeing the movie one can guess how it ends, but let’s not let that get in the way of The Fault in our Stars’ phenomenal soundtrack.

For starters, Birdy  @OfficialBirdy kills it on this soundtrack. I’ve always loved her version of Bon Ivers’ “Skinny Love” , which you can argue she made more popular than the original, but I never paid her much attention past that song. Birdy contributes 3 songs total to this album. Now Birdy will never be one to get you up out of your seat to bop your head but you can’t escape the pull towards the simplicity and beauty in her vocals. She partners with Jaymes Young @jamesyng in Best Shot to create a harmonious, unassuming, love song and it makes you want to concur the world with the love of your life.

While men might listen to the lyrics of Tee Shirt and think “stalker”….I think it’s a completely sweet love song…maybe because I’m not not psycho?? However, the nuances of a new crush/love are encased in these lyrics. And what is better than new love? And what is better than a man who can pull off being sexy in a simple T-Shirt?

Simple As This brings a coolness that only a bluegrass Bob Dylan feel type song can bring one’s life. “And this one time” while walking down the streets of Solvang with my best friend we actually played this song on my phone and made it the current soundtrack to our lives. Try it one time….ignore the stares…and enjoy your harmonious life knowing that all the answers you are looking for are and could be “as simple as this”. Thank you Jake Bugg @JakeBugg for bringing this genre to our generation!

Remember that moment in Sex and the City where Carrie was in Paris running towards her dinner party that she was late for and Big’s taxi pulled up beside her and they missed out on seeing each other. I think the female gasps could be heard all around the US at that moment. One reason could have very well been because of the supreme song choice that helped evoke that emotion of being so close but yet so far to finding true love and happiness. How brilliant of the SATC creators to select a French rap song. MC Solaar brought that feeling to SATC while Sweeds Afasi & Filthy bring it to The Fault In Our Stars. Just another example of how music really does transcend language barriers. The beat in this song is DOPE!

I’ll save the other gems for you all to discover but if contributions from Ray Lamontagne @RayLaMontagne, Lykke Li @LykkeLi and Ed Sheeran @edsheeran don’t convince you to check it out then I’ve got nothing else.

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