Shut Up and Dance and be Thankful!!!


This little diddy aka my current obsession aka my can’t stop won’t stop jam came to me via my fellow musical crooner junkie Jay. Not all tunes recommended by my friends leave such a lasting impression but this one has found its place in the rounds at least once a day…and when I say “at least” I mean really there are times where it might be played back to back to back.

Shut up and Dance comes to us from Walk the Moon @WALKTHEMOONband (whose name is a derivative of Police’s Walking on the Moon track).

Truth be known, recently a friend and I recognized we shared the fact that we both “frequently envision my life’s greatest moments as if they are movie scenes”. What an unrealistic way to be continuously let down right?! However, I’m putting it out there to the Universe that secretly (by way of posting this to the world on my blog) I can’t imagine a better way to meet my future husband that when this song is playing.


So on the eve of Thanksgiving or one of the best nights to go out with your friends and loved ones….let there be NO DRAMA, NO ARGUMENTS, NO CRYING but let there be lots of SHUTTING UP AND DANCING!

As an added bonus here is one of my favorite moments of shutting up and dancing with some of my most favorite people!



Click here to buy Shut Up and Dance from Walk the Moon so you too can play it on repeat!



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