5 Covers that are just as good as the originals


What’s better than the anticipation of a long awaited movie release?? It’s soundtrack’s release…duh! It’s been established how big of a fan I am of the soundtrack and although I’m not the cliché female dying for Fifty Shades of Grey to hit theaters on Valentine’s Day this lady sure has been obsessing over each release that it’s soundtrack has released to date. More specifically the rendition of ‘Crazy in Love’ by  Sofia Karlberg . Which then got me thinking about all the remakes that are just as good as their predecessors.

1)   Crazy in Love

Let’s start off with ‘Crazy in Love’ by my girl Beyonce. Does anyone pull off daisy dukes better than Bey in this video? No, is the answer. This song hit in 2003 and it hit hard. Beyonce was twerking in this video before twerking became trendy……and trashy. I remember playing this song over and over again in college during a summer session with my best friend Michelle. Did you know Jay-Z improvised his verse in the studio in about 10 minutes?! Proving what I’ve always said “Whenever Jay-Z jumps on a track he makes it 10 times sicker!”.

Sofia Karlberg is somewhat unknown unless you count her 167,886 subscribers on her youtube channel with over 16 million views. What I mean to say is that when I google her I can barely find any info on her other than her ‘About’ section which names her origin as “Moroccan/Swedish” and being a “17 year old….(whose been) singing and creating music for as long as (she) can remember”. With the phenomenon that is Fifty Shades and this song I doubt she’ll go unknown for long. For now, her youtube channel is my crack as I up her 16 million views. I love love love this slowed down version and the sexy hauntingness is more than well suited for the context of the film.

2)  Skinny Love

I love me some good old folk music! Mix it with an indie vibe and you get Bon Iver. I’ve been fortunate enough to see them play live and they are infectious to say the least. Many might not realize it but “Skinny Love” is not a Birdy original. It is in fact belongs to Bon Iver. That’s not to say that Birdy’s version is sub-par. Bon Iver leans heavily on the guitar while Birdy the piano. There’s a matter of factness in the Bon Iver’s version while Birdy portrays more innocence. In fact, both artists bring such their own spin to the track that I can quite make up my mind which version I am partial to. For that reason, this song falls on my list of remakes that are just as good as their originals.

Click Here for Bon Iver’s version                                                                      

Click HERE for Birdy’s version

3)  Fast Car

One of Tracy Chapman’s best known songs is another song I thoroughly enjoy, especially on road trips. The theme of generational poverty does not take away from the beauty of this song. Boyce Avenue hails from my current neck of the woods, Sarasota Florida. I discovered them on Pandora as they popped up on numerous channels of mine consistently. I love that these three brothers have opted to start their own label and partner with the likes of lesser known artists to create unique covers. Was creating their own label a mistake? I don’t know. Why don’t you ask their over 6 million youtube subscribers? Kina Grannis adds her vocals to Boyce Avenue’s rendition of fast car. They often include female artists in their covers which makes me a big fan!

4)  Naïve

The Kooks add a little British indie rock to my life and I am forever grateful. The lyrics in naïve leave you wondering whether you want to hate the subject of the lead singer’s affection or forgive her for being “naïve”. Lily Allen adds purity to her version and I never skip either version when it comes up on my shuffle.

5)  Let It Be

I save The Beatles for last because does one ever make a Beatle song better or come close? Although I struggle to claim a “favorite” Beatles song I am forever branded, by way of tattoo, with one of my favorite Beatles lyrics “Let It Be”. This song has gotten me through more moments than I care to share but more than that I love the simplicity of the lyrics but the overwhelming universal message it provides. Of course I was dying to see Across the Universe, a moving involving ALL Beatles songs was enough to get me to theater. The emotion evoked in the scene where this song is sung by Carol Woods & Timothy T. Mitchum leaves you almost breathless. Adding the choir in the background is sheer perfection. In fact, a ‘behind the scenes’ moment on the dvd shows Carol becoming so emotional while singing the song she breaks down in tears.

I will ALWAYS give covers a chance because you never know how amazing a new version can be.

What are some of your favorite remakes?


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