Did I Make a Move on Gavin DeGraw?

Oh my goodness I NEVER posted this (enter in geez  oh peet emoticon face here). However, appropriate to enter as I’ll be seeing Gavin play at Busch Gardens tomorrow!

And so the day came…the best day musically of my whole life. Ok, maybe it’s not even fair to categorize it as “musically” and just say one of the best days of my whole life. It should come of no surprise to anyone who knows me or has read my blog that this day was the day I finally got to meet my favorite musician, Gavin DeGraw on his Make a Move tour.


No, that is not a Cullen you see in the picture. That is me, Alison Miller, aka disappointed fan of Gavin’s photographer as you were not allowed to take your own pictures and this was the image I got from his. However, a poor photograph, could never spoil that day…plus, that doesn’t even compare to some doozies of me as a child in the 80’s or the Spice Girl fads we 90’s high schoolers mimicked.

All joking aside…I think Gavin is the BEST! I tend to see amazing artists over and over and over as music is my drug. I have seen Gavin perform 11 times (12 tomorrow) in 10 years so I jumped at the opportunity to buy VIP Meet & Greet tickets to his show in Tallahassee. Now the only problem…what do I even talk to Gavin DeGraw about? We all know how I geeked out when I met Joshua Radin, click here for the blog on my Joshua Radin VIP experience, so I was bound and determined to not have a repeat. Luckily I had some time to really think about what I would say to someone’s who’s music has meant more to me than I could ever possibly put in to words.

And so here it goes: (disclaimer…this is certainly not verbatim)

I waited in line, in the back of the venue by the tour buses, for probably 20 or 30 minutes to get up to the front of the line, meanwhile seeing Gavin’s band members walk by not saying anything as I didn’t want to be “that super fan”. While waiting we met the sweatest girls who also had driven from Tampa to see Gavin for their very first time. Gavin is also Nadine’s favorite artist so I couldn’t help but pay it forward by sneaking her up to the front of the stage where our friends were holding spots for us.

It’s now my turn to meet Gavin:

Gavin: “Hey how are you baby?” (I thought it unique that someone could pull off calling all their fans “baby” without it coming off remotely creepy but actually very genuine and endearing)

Ally: “Good, how are you?”

Gavin goes to sign the picture I brought for him and I start explaining that the picture is of me and my family at my first ever Gavin concert in upstate NY. Now here’s my shyness and nervousness totally coming out as he asks me where the club is and I totally flub and stammer through the “KKKKKKKKKKKK” I actually even closed my eyes at one point praying the answer would come to me. Thankfully he picked up right where I left off knowing the club and explaining it is close to where his parents lived. Being we’re in Florida I tell him I’m actually from NY. When he asks me where I tell him

Ally: “Poughkeepsie”

Gavin: “Oh do you know The Chance?”

I immediately can’t help but crack a smile thinking how my best friends will love that 1) Gavin asked me about The Chance and 2) That I explained to him the reason I was laughing was because my friends and I used to sneak in there when it was way too inappropriate for us to be going there.

I then had a moment where I was able to communicate the only thing I was certain I wanted to communicate to him and that was “So I just have to tell you…you are my favorite artist of ALL time”. He sincerely responded with a “really?!” and a genuine “thank you”. One thing that I was SO impressed was the caliber of human being Gavin is. Being appreciative and genuine is not something you can fake which tells me he is the real deal.

I mentioned my blog to him and that he is a constant fixture in the content (I am mad at myself that I didn’t ask him 1 interesting question for my blog and readers…what should I have asked do you think?). We then when to take a picture and as I put my arm around his back it was shaking…this was my Gavin geek moment as I proclaimed “I’m sorry I am such a dork I am shaking”. Hey “geek” with Joshua Radin, “dork” with Gavin DeGraw, maybe I can pull out “nerd” if I ever meet Matt Nathanson LOL

So as things are winding down I tell him how excited I am that his is touring with Matt Nathanson, another fav artist of mine, and he looks a little surprised maybe because my appearance doesn’t scream cool, underground, hipster music lover.  Telling him that Sweeter and Last of the Great Pretenders were my favorite albums of 2013 I walk to the side to wait for my friend Mel to have her intro when Gavin looks at my friend motioning to me exclaiming

“Is that your friend?….Man she is so cute” looking over to me “You are SO cute”. Not like in a pick me up kind of way but in a way where I must have just been rambling I was so nervousness and he appreciates a flustered fan lol

So the answer is….NO, I did not make a move on Gavin DeGraw. Does it sound like I had even remotely brought any sort of game to that interaction let alone an A game? In fact, I get pretty irritated when people even imply the only reason I like him is because he is attractive.

To finish off the Meet and Greet story I will tell you that I was standing by a tour bus as Ian, Gavin’s resident drummer (currently on tour with Colbie Calat), gets off the bus. He extends me a courteous eye contact smile and my head thinks ‘when will you ever get this chance again?’ so I say “Hi Ian”. Now all was still a little surreal so I may have interpreted his reaction as surprise that I knew he was but it very well could have been “craaaazyyyy stalker fan may day may day”. None the less, I told him that I’ve seen them play a ton of times and that him and the band ALWAYS kill it (which it totally NOT a lie by the way as bands go they are top of the line and I’ve seen enough concerts to know the difference). He politely responded his appreciation and it was then time for me and Mel to join our friends back in the venue for the show.

More to come on his latest tour set which is sure to include his amazing new single Fire!!

What artist inspires you SO much that you would “geek out” during a meet and greet?


2 responses to “Did I Make a Move on Gavin DeGraw?

    • Hi 🙂 I think it all depends. They have someone who kind of moderates the flow of traffic while watching the time. I would say I got about 5 minutes with him but I was also towards the end of the line so I might have gotten lucky because we were running ahead of schedule. Also, some people have more to say than others. Because he’s my favorite artist I was somewhat of a jabber box. Here are some of my inside pointers 🙂 He’ll only autograph one item so keep that in mind when bringing stuff. You won’t get to take your own picture if it was like my M and G. They take one and send it to you (guessing to speed things up). He’s probably one of the most down to earth and engaging artists I’ve met so it won’t be awkward. Just be yourself! Also, his band is SUPER rad and dynamic! I met Billy in the airport in Tampa and he is just as cool as Gavin. You might see them walking around so take the time to talk to them if you get the opportunity. What show are you going to? I’ll be at the PA and FL ones.


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