Ella Henderson’s Chapter One Rocks My World

I’ve found my fix whilst Adele is on hiatus. I don’t pretend to assume that anyone can replace my beloved Adele however, it’s hard to believe that an 18  year old has helped with this withdrawal of mine.  But don’t for one second consider Ella Henderson a copycat or Adele poser.


After auditioning for The X Factor in the UK with an original song (reason enough to love her…homegirl had balls even at 16) she made the cut to the live performances and was eliminated in the top 6. Presenter Dermot O’Learey described Henderson’s exit as “one of the biggest shocks we’ve ever had on the results show.” I’d love to be loyal to my fellow American artists but man this is just another example of how much the Brits just have it going on musically. With her extraordinary voice the help of music greats such as Eg White, Babyface, and Ryan Tedder how could ‘The First Chapter, Henderson’s first album, go wrong?! In fact it’s SO RIGHT that it’s been on repeat for the last couple of weeks in any outlet I own that plays music. I shouldn’t be surprised since White has worked with artist who rule my world such as Adele, Sam Smith, James Morrison and Pink. While Ryan Tedder has helped write some of my most cherished lyrics from the likes of Gavin DeGraw, Birdy, Adele, Beyonce, and Kelly Clarkson.

Ghost is Ella’s first single and was a brilliant choice to introduce her to the world. Not only is this song catchy but the gospel feel makes it pretty addicting. The video is chilling but I can’t contain being mesmerized by that red dress towards the end. Girl, get on liketoknow.it immediately so I can get that dress!

If you’re like any girl my age there’s a super feminist camaraderie when the chorus breaks out and Kelly Clarkson starts wailing “Since You’ve Been Gone”. To me, ‘Pieces’ exudes a similar feeling when Ella breaks out claiming ‘Today I’ve had enough…enough to give you up’. Click here and take a listen: So this one time I got a call “ALLY (insert ex bf’s name) new gf looks JUST like you…like I had to pick my jaw up off the ground…like seriously ALLY….no seriously” (or something like that 😉 ) The First Time took my brain back to that funny moment. To this same ex…‘Missed’ contains words that ring so true “You stopped me dreaming, But here I draw the line, I wish you luck in life and goodbye”

Y’all know that I LOVE to LOVE and all that jazz that comes along with love being perfection, effervescent, storybook and blah blah blah Yes, love can be all those things but there is also a beauty that comes with the realities of a day to day and lifelong love. Henderson’s ‘Hard Work’ captures such a love perfectly with her simplistic melodies and pitches. I also adore the way this vid is shot.

Remember my post about Beneath Your Beautiful?? Click HERE to hear Ella taking over for Emile Sande. If you’re looking for an album that includes a good funk/soul feel with insanely beautiful ballads and artists whose range constantly surprised than Chapter One is a MUST! Go purchase it immediately!

What album are you currently obsessed with? Hook me up with some new artist suggestions!! Love & Light Always

(info and photo creds Wikipedia, wbli.com)


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