What I’m listening to BEGINS!!

My best friend Emily messaged me saying that she would love to just steal my log in information for ITunes and/or Spotify so that she could just listen to exactly what I am listening to. I used to also send my sister Kate a new song every day per her request. Well, Spem & Kate….you’ve inspired me to create an additional theme to my blog! Welcome to what I’m listening to y’all.


Here’s how it’ll work…I’ll pick a handful of songs to highlight. These posts will be short and sweet and will give you just a glimpse as to what’s been on my weekly playlist.

Warning!! These will be completely random in genre and decade. My music depends on my mood, circumstance, or discovery.There will be times where I’m stuck on a single artist or genre and there will be other times I binge download songs I’ve heard on tv shows, movies, or discovered on social media or shazaamed. Sometimes it’s that song that sticks in my head on the radio or a random lyric that comes to my mind during the day. Either way, I’m sharing and I hope you share too about what you’re listening to in the comments to help me discover more music!!!

Sooooo here we go….some of what I’m listening to this week!

If I go – Ella Eyre

Mess Is Mine – Vance Joy

You Ain’t Along – Alabama Shakes

World Without You – Hudson Taylor (Shout out to Not You’re Mom’s Playlist for this find!! If you like this song click here to check out his blog!!)

Worship You – Vampire Weekend

What are you listening to this week?

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