A Phoenix rising in the form of Jody Brock’s debut album

For those of you musicians who follow me on Twitter….YES, I check you all out!! Sometimes in the attraction sense but mostly musically and when I can find a moment in my crazy life! This is my favorite part of social media besides reading up on other’s attempts for validation and seeing numerous cat pictures (no…..not really). But seriously…I love seeing the creativity that’s out there musically and you all make it easy for me by reaching out in the form of a ‘follow’. Last week I finally had a chance to actually sit down and venture in to your worlds and HELLO Jody Brock!!!


It literally took less than 4 seconds into each song for me to make a non-regrettable, impulse, decision to download his first EP Phoenix.  Jody helps prove once again that the Brits got it goin’ on…at this point, I’m seriously thinking about either moving to England or going to rehab for my addiction to British music. Jody Brock has created a painstakingly, sexy sound with his debut EP Phoenix. An underground speak easy feel with a rock/jazz, 21st century spin….I think this artist has tapped in to a unique genre where his tone and range really shine! Click HERE to read more about what inspires Jody Brock and who he is currently working with on The Indie Discovery!

Just like Kelly Clarkson did in ‘Addicted’, I am a fan of the honestly when one compares love to an addiction. There’s a haunting melancholy that attaches itself to this song which, quite frankly, has gotten me to be an ultimate user of this song. Attention ABC or HBO: Brock’s opening track ‘User’ would fit in flawlessly to more than a handful of your show’s themes and should be added to a playlist immediately! Personally, I can’t get a Scandalesque seen out of my head when this song plays (for all my Scandal junkies you know this song is Olivia and Fitz perfection!)  User is by far my favorite track on this album!

A close 2nd on the album belongs to Another Dance. I love the subtle big band time frame that is present in this song with a healthy helping of sultry to go along. I can’t quite decide whether the object of Brock’s affection is deserving of a 2nd chance or if Brock’s character himself was to root of the demise of the relationship round 1. Either way, I love a song that makes you think! Check out Another Dance and his other phenomenal tracks here:

I wouldn’t be surprised if Jody eventually follows in the footsteps of other alumni who attended the same school as him such as Adele and Jesse J! His voice and style is seriously on point and the fact that his ideal collaboration goes to Sia makes me love him more! For an intimate look into this artist and his album Phoenix CLICK HERE!

I’m pretty obsessed with this album…I’ll put it out there that he tours Ireland while I’m there in May!

What do YOU think of Jody Brock? To buy his entire EP click HERE!!

(Credits breatheheavy.com, theindiediscovery.com)


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