Joshua Radin’s Onward and Sideways Tour


Once upon a time Joshua Radin released Onward and Sideways, without the backing of a label, and it was a GLORIOUS album! The only problem? He was not taking this tour to Florida but hey I’ve got friends in Philly right? Right! So why not fly up there to see this tour and visit two of my favorite Amanda’s in the world! With Cary Brothers and Rachael Yamagata opening the show it was pretty much a no brainer.


The Venue? The Trocadero Theater and what a cool historic site! The only issue is that when you see a self-described “whisper rock” artist is that you should probably inform the loud patrons at the back bar to hush! Although this occurrence allowed these performers true personalities to shine while tactfully communicating a good ol’ stfu!

We showed up a little too late to catch Cary Brothers (which I’m super bummed about but sometimes girl gossiping gets a little carried away). However, I will say that his tour shirt is one of my all time favs…..ever!


It was my first time seeing Rachael Yamagata and she did not disappoint! She played one of my favs Duet but my favorite favorite FAVORITE part of her set was when she stepped away from the piano, mic, and stepped to the front of the stage to showcase her true talent.


I’ll say it again…some people are just meant to sing!

Joshua Radin is never one to disappoint either. His quick wit a fan favorite and the intimate look into his new album makes me love it even more. Oneward and Sideways is track that was written about Joshua Radin’s journey of wooing his current love. I have to tell ya, love looks good on Joshua Radin and special shout out to his lovely lady for giving him the inspiration for turning his melodic heartbreak tracks to optimistic love tunes (not that I don’t enjoy a good tormented whisper rock track 😉 ) A special moment was when Joshua Radin pulled 3 of the most delicious little girls to sing back up for Beautiful Day (Cheryl Crow accompanies him in the original on this album).


My video doesn’t quite show the true elation on these girls faces! This night, for sure, will be inprinted in these girls memories for life. This was all part of the Little Kids Rock program that Radin proudly supports. Please click here to donate whatever you can! 

Not to be out shown by Rachael, Joshua also took his turn at the front of the stage with no mic and it was truly amazing! As you read in my blog from the last Joshua Radin concert I attended, I was BLOWN away when he did a version of Bob Dylan’s Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright (which I just learned was the first song he ever learned don’t he guitar…pretty impressive). I was thrilled when he began to sing that jem again but even more thrilled when all the artists on his tour came out and mixed it up by also singing Won’t Back Down!

What a way to end a show! Click here to check out and purchase Joshua’s latest creation!

What do you think of Onward and Sideways?


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