After It All I am MORE impressed with Delta Rae


When it comes to harmonizing it really and truly does not get much better than Delta Rae. Click here to check out my blog last year on Delta Rae. After having their album After It All on repeat since its April 7th release I thought “There is no way this band can be as good live as they are on their album”. Thankfully and by the graces of 4 truly untouchable voices I was proven wrong. From the first note played I was even more hooked than I already was! The play at smaller venues now and tons of music festivals so if you ever get a chance to see them GO! Here’s where they’re currently touring!


One of my favorite parts of this band is that they have 4 lead singers and do not rely on any one of them or any cookie cutter formula for their songs. There are no gimmicks just immense talent and unity in putting on an amazing show!  Each singer more than holds their own and the rest of their band? Forget about it….phenomenal to say the least. I love that their new album has a story to tell and each track keeps you guessing where it’s going to go. With an overarching theatrical feel this album infuses folk, hip hop, and rock to create a spectacular story. I have no doubt it will be one of my favorite albums this year!

My initial favorite song on the album is My Whole Life Long because well it’s not surprise I’m a sucker for a love song and a love song with a reality behind it.

Elizabeth and Eric kill it on this track.

Outlaw definitely spoke to me on the album but live…wow….phenomenal. I couldn’t begin to explain the energy in The Metro where I saw them in Chicago. This song makes me believe I can do and be anything I want!

Scared was chosen to be After It All’s debut single which I’m a fan of. I have to be honest that while listening I was curious if the backup angelic vocals belonged to one of the fearless females or if it was studio produced. My video from the show proves that Brittany indeed provided these vocals on this track. Click HERE to see the live vocals. My mind was blown. What a talent! She was born to sing!

I didn’t get full videos of the songs but you can check out some of my other videos from the show. I apologize for the shaking…it’s totally hard for me to stand still at all while at a show!

Chasing Twisters


Morning Comes


I wish I could come to each of  your houses and force you to listen to this album and introduce you to the talent that is Delta Rae. Hopefully you’ll be encouraged by my blog to not only check out After It All by Clicking HERE but also encourage you to check out Carry The Fire by clicking here. Morning Comes and If I Loved You are 2 highlights.

I recently read a review that probably expresses the value of this album even stronger than I could on Amused To Life. I encourage you to click here to check out the review and additional songs.

What do you think of Delta Rae?


4 responses to “After It All I am MORE impressed with Delta Rae

  1. Don’t forget the 2013 EP Chasing Twisters. Even though all of the songs are on one of the two LPs, they are all different versions (IMO better in most cases than the LP versions).

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    • Yes! SO great on the EPs! They always came up on my Pandora and I was excited to hear them on the LPs and I agree that the versions were pretty stellar on the EPs 🙂


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