Sam Smith Concert 2015


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Like for reals yall….Sam Smith really is SO super cute. He’s humble, grateful, honest, and I’m not even sure at this point I need to say much about the ridiculousness of his voice. I’ve been hooked since day one on this talent and was lucky enough to see him at Austin City Limits last year however, I enjoyed seeing him at that venue but knew it would get even better at Amalie Arena.

What you hear on his album? Be prepared to hear that quality if not better live. Although his songs don’t encourage high levels of theatrics (which implies talent strong enough to captivate a room w/out them) his performances still had the audience up and dancing…..even in the nose bleed section where we were located 😉


I don’t mean to by pass how great of a show this was but the songs you would think he slayed…he slayed….so let’s talk about the moments that you can’t recreate on his album.

One characteristic that I imagine has drawn so many to Sam Smith is his ability to be completely raw with his lyrics. Not only does he accomplish this with his debut album but he exhibits that trait live, while sharing his life with his fans. He indicated that his first album has mostly to do with “unrequited love” and that it’s strange to now sing those songs however now that he is over that guy these songs are not longer his “but yours” meaning ours 🙂 I just thought that was such a beautiful sentiment.

What do you get when you cross Amy Winehouse and a Motown goodie but oldie? An Ally freak out moment obviously!! I have to say the highlight of the entire show for me was when Sam started singing Tears Dry On Their Own….it only got better when he let his backup singers take center stage to belt Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.

Another endearing moment was when Sam sang a mash up of Not In That Way and Can’t Help Falling In Love.

This song he wrote and sang as a “hopeful note” and as a “love letter to my first proper boyfriend…wherever he may be”….

le sigh….I mean seriously?? Get cuter Sam Smith. I love that he wanted to end the album on a more hopeful note.

Nothing makes me more stoked than music fests and this chica will be attending Midtown Music Fest in Atlanta in about a months time!!! And guess who is on the lineup? Yup….Sam Smith…SO Stoked! Come join me my friends to root on Sam Smith and if not in Atlanta then swoop up a ticket to one of his many other shows this year!


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