Atlanta Midtown Music Festival – How my friends and I rolled!


I have to say….Midtown Music Festival Atlanta more than exceeded the excited that was in my gut leading up to the event. So much so that we’ve declared it an annual trip every year! My girls brought their A game with jokes, wardrobe, excitement for music and friendship. Their childhood friend Corey provided hours of shenanigans in between artists which included, but is not limited to, racing a person in a chicken suit and a woman on stilts and long distance dance offs with other festival goers. With weather that can only be described as perfection and a festival staff that left the common areas tidy and you not dreading the porta potties (you all KNOW what I’m talking about if you’ve been to ANY music fest) how could we have anything less than a stellar time. Here’s a rundown of who I saw along with some thoughts and experiences to go along with.



First up; Kodaline! Kodaline was probably the first group I kept mentioning that was going to be at the fest when people asked because I was THAT excited to see them. They definitely set the pace of optimism for the rest of the fest as we sat and enjoyed the first show of the festival. The highlights of course included their opener of ‘Ready’, ‘High Hopes’, and there best known track ‘All I Want’. This track does it every time for me. I don’t often hear that song w/out it bringing me to tears. However, I was blessed with my friend Kelly who somehow knew that all I needed was a loving arm around my shoulder which allowed me to take in their final melody while not losing it. That’s a memory I’ll carry with me forever. On a side note, Kelly is an AMAZING artist! Click HERE to check out her website!


Tove Lo was probably the pick me up that we needed after our chilled out Kodaline session. I LOVED seeing my girls Kelly and Allie get SO stoked to see her that they literally were running up a hill in excitement to catch her act as we lost ½ our group in their tracks! I have to say that she was not an act I was over the moon excited to see but she definitely brought it with the tracks you would expect like her debut ‘Habits (Stay High)’. And I have to say that I felt pretty alive as I held my girls hands bopping around to ‘Talking Body’. I always say that if someone can perform live you will automatically like them more….Tove Lo did this for me.

I have to say that I knew I would enjoy Hozier but I didn’t know that I would be raving over his performance. He has got some chops on him and everyone knows I’m a sucka for a beard and shaggy hair which didn’t hurt. Hands down he was one of the best acts of the weekend in my opinion. His soulfulness seemed to radiate across Piedmont Park! I’m such a fan and can not wait to stalk him…..I mean find out where he is playing next 😉

The next debate is do you go see one Mr. Sir Elton John or Drake? Now, for most people it’s a cut and dry answer but for those of you who tend to know my overthinking capacity you know I had to think on this one. It really came quickly to me that I needed to see Elton because frankly, how does one NOT go see Elton if they can?! He definitely lived up to all my expectations with his over the top wardrobe and iconic melodies and lyrics  which allowed me to bop around as the sky turned dark and the moon came out. Lucky for me, he ended earlier than Drake and I was able to catch the tale end of his set. Let me say that Jimmy Edwards from Degrassi done grown up and has come a long way. The energy was magnetic and Drake also known as Aubrey Graham convinced me to see him again with only a short portion of his show.


I was a little worried about the enthusiasm of the group on Day 2 as some were nursing semi-hangovers, tiredness from the night before, and we were headed out to the Park right in midst of the hottest part of the day.

Well done Midtown Music Fest for providing us with X Ambassadors first. Although the Honda stage was my least favorite as it provided little shade and a lackluster hill area to sit, Sam Harris definitely kept me distracted from those minut details. His voice is ridic. If you think you don’t know this group…think again…you definitely know their diddy Renegades from The Jeep commercial. And if you’re me you know them from that and from your friend Jay not so subtley recommending you get the WHOLE album as it’s one of the best from the year. This Brooklyn based band is RAD!

Alessia Cara….oh Allesia Cara you truly are a gem! I was SO grateful my girls pointed us in the direction of that stage as they are big fans of ‘Here’. The effortlessness and grit of her voice that is a tad reminiscent of Janis Joplin, translated extraordinarily well at a festival venue. She’s got a great career ahead of her and I can’t wait to see where she ends up!

Rozzi Crane comes via The Voice fame and Adam Levine’s label. I pushed to see this artist and I don’t think the crew was disappointed with the strong vocals she brought to the festival. I especially loved how excited she was to be singing “at her first festival” and hello…I almost freaked when I started to hear a melody that belonged to Biggie. I was bummed that she didn’t play ‘Painkiller’ but understandable as it has a Adam Levine on the chorus melodies. If you like soul and strength in a female voice and lyrics then she is definitely one to watch! Another fun fact: Rozzi is friends with members of the talented Pentatonix! Check out Youtube as she’s collaborated with them and has even taken credit via social media for giving Pentatonix the intro to Kelly Clarkson. They are now her opening act for her 2015 “Piece by Piece” tour.


We loved our area so much that we found to watch Rozzi Crane that we opted to have some friend bonding time and just chill for a bit. Much to the chagrin of my 70’s born family members and friends we didn’t run to see Billy Idol however, we could still hear him from our clutch location. I had to immediately text my sister as he played ‘Dancing with Myself’ as I could envision my childhood of her and her friends 80’s dancing LOL Although Billy didn’t motivate our group to run to his stage it was a nice nostalgic break listening to the likes of ‘White Wedding’ ‘Mony Mony’ ‘Cradle of Love’ ect…

I could not stop repeating “OMG Lenny Kravitz can where THAT outfit and still be effing RAD”. True Story! Not even his seashell, chest, guard necklace could distract from his talent. The crowd was SO vibrant and enthused it was infectious. When he played “It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over” I finally got why he gets a sexy status amongst women. Whew! You gotta love a smooth melody and a man with some swag!

Lastly, the most brilliant way to end our Midtown Music Festival was with my boy Sammy! Perfection, Perfection, Perfection! Our location, the weather, and my girl Sabrina’s dancing contributed to this being my favorite of the 3 times I’ve seen him to date. Click HERE to read about my last Sam Smith show!

This trip WILL happen every year! I am blessed to have made great friends and memories with my girls! Come on Midtown Music Festival pull in the same caliber of class acts next year!


What has been your favorite festival you’ve attended?


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