What I’m Listening to This Week


Ok….literally there is one ONE song I am listening to this week! How did I miss this??? Thank you Thank you Thank you to my friend Jay for the text “download immediately”. My blogs to date I don’t think show the hip hop lover in me but trust me it’s engrained in my soul! For those who know me you know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Biggie. He’s was such an amazing lyricist and his verses always seem so effortless. I truly miss him in the music game which is why I can NOT turn this song off! Ughhhhh I can’t even put in to words how much the smoothness of this song resonate in my soul!! It’s SO fresh you guys! I’ve fallen in love with Biggie even more and the addition of Ja Rule adds that perfect amount of nostalgia to have me burnin’ neck and shoulder calories as I’m chair dancing ALL day at work!

Also, let it not be ignored that I think Matoma is genius!! I love that he composes “electronic music with a great dynamic pump” but is “also music that is produced with soul and passion”. Check out his site by clicking HERE.


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