Who Run The World?!

whoruletheworld The resurrection of girl groups is in full affect!!! Or has been in full affect but definitely not slowing down any time soon…and  so are the boy bands but I’d like to focus on the ladies for this blog. The 90’s teenager in me could never deny an affection towards girl groups and boy bands despite the immature, untalented, cheezy stigma that follows them in their shawdows. I mean HELLO say what you want but can you really tell me Destiny Child had no talent? Even P!NK got her start in a girl group! Despite the rise and fall of Danity Kane you can’t deny the swag and talent that those ladies brought! And don’t even make me pull out my Motown card with the likes of The Surpremes. I understand that not all of the moment girl groups have the chops to make a long term run for it but you can’t deny that throughout your life they have and will add something musically to your moments. Insert En Vogue, 702, Allure, and The Spice Girls of my generation.

I for one will never hate on a badass girl group (okay maybe I can’t say NEVER but lots of love and light to any females chasing that dream and bustin’ their asses to get it). Here are some of my favs of moment.

The Saturdays


Again with the British….at this point I think I can stop prefacing the obviousness that I love the Brits musically right?! These beauts are not only gorgeous but they bring it every time and of all the girl groups of the moment I am most obsessed with their style. Mollie is my favorite group member as I’m addicted to her sweet soul, her Spotify station, and her wardrobe is always on point! Although I have to say I would trade places with any group member in a heartbeat. They definitely take advantage of each members unique talents by never having a true front woman which I prefer. Their sound tends to skew more towards a electronic pop genre, which has resonated with club kids all over the world. Although I don’t gravitate naturally to these type of songs I can’t deny my love for some specific tracks. I found this track when The Saturdays took over America and the trip was filmed for a reality show called Chasing the Saturdays on E!. Add a little Sean Paul and you couldn’t ever go wrong with What About Us.

Let it be said that this video was shot in 2011 and I would still rock any one of these outfits this fall/winter! SO DOPE! But more about the music… I love this song because sometimes your heart should overpower your head when it comes to love and Vanessa White delivers vocals that hit all the right heart strings at all the right moments in the song.

The only downside to loving this group? Their albums are not available on ITunes in the US. Seriously get it together Apple 😉 The band is on hiatus until 2016 however, they have enough songs out there to keep you busy until new music hits the airwaves.

Little Mix


Today there is not as much of a stigma surrounding groups put together on reality tv as in the O-Town and Danity Kane days but none the less I still think it’s impressive when a group of females who don’t know each other can come together and produce extraordinary melodies while maintaining a positive group dynamic after only a short period of time. Even more impressive when they can continue their success when the show is over. Little Mix comes from Britain’s X factor being the 1st group to win the competition in season 8. Like The Saturdays, I enjoy that they never have a true front woman which allows each individual voice to touch a different part of your mood/soul. They also bring an immense sense of girl power and strength without throwing it in your face which I respect.

When I heard Towers I thought “oh my gosh I think they must have been watching every one of my relationships when this song was written”. Not only are the vocals amazingly beautiful but some songs just get you and this song was exactly that for me. I was hooked and sought out more from Little Mix while wishing this song was available in the past to send to a couple of my exes upon breaking up 😉 Not to play favorites again but Jesy Nelson’s voice just seriously give me goose bumps as she takes lead on the chorus.

Although they have some great upbeat tracks like “Move” I have to highlight their brilliant first release of a Damien Rice cover “Cannonball”. I became of Rice when I heard “The Blower’s Daughter” but “Cannonball” quickly became a favorite.

Fifth Harmony


We might be seeing a trend here but this go get it girl group that has most recently got my head boppin’. They were put together on The X Factor US by Simon Cowell who in my opinion has the most genious ear and track record of putting vocal groups together. With their first audition as a group singing “Impossible” I knew they would be one to watch however I have to be honest. I tried very very hard to not jump on this group’s train as something just kind of bothered me about this group initially. But I have to say despite by resistance they’ve got me. Specifically, I can not get enough of Cameela Cabeyo’s voice! I love a unique effortless voice like hers which reminds me of Jesy’s from Little Mix. A close 2nd is Lauren Jauregui with her soulful tone. However, one can’t deny the talent and power that is Fifth Harmony when they come together. Watch ‘Impossible’ and wait for the goosebumps.

 ‘Worth It’ has a good portion of the population addicted and you can include one Ally Miller to that count. But Boyce Avenue really highlighted these beauties in some sick collabs that brought Fifth Harmony even more in the spot light.

Just in case you are in the mood for some more girl group inspired jam sessions here are the songs that made me fall in love with some of my favorite girl bands:

The Surpremes – Someday We’ll be Together

Destiny Child – No NO NO Pt 2 ft. Wyclef Jean

Danity Kane – Damaged

The Surpremes – Someday We’ll be Together

Dixie Chicks – Cowboy Take Me Away

Heart – Alone

Who are some of your favorite girl bands??

Photo creds Billboard and capitalfm.com


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