James Morrison…That is All


I’m not quite sure I’ve shared my affinity for James Morrison (nope NOT Jim Morrison…JAMES MORRISON) yet on my blog but…..ahhh….I mean just ahhh… I almost have no words for how much I adore this artist. But with the release of his latest album, ‘Higher Than Here’, I have been living in an all James Morrison world this last week as I reminisce over his music as he’s had me since 2006. He is the Renee Zellweger to my Tom Cruise and he seriously “completes me”.  His lyrics just do it for me…they speak to my every being  (oh my gosh…how sad that I’ve been in a relationship with a man I’ve never met than any real actual men lol).

To preface this post I am going to try very hard to not go on and on but true love lasts a lifetime and it might be hard to be concise.

The love affair all started with ‘You Give Me Something’. It came at such a time in my life, mid 20’s, where I was no way looking for a ‘love of my life’…I mean I barely even knew myself at that age…this song expressed so accurately this time in my  life when I had found a soul mate but as the lyrics say “for every piece of me that wants you another piece of me backs away cuz you give me something that makes me scared”. I wasn’t ready to accept this love and Undiscovered became the anthem to my life as it depicts an accurate love story of hope and reality.

Undiscovered is one of my favorite albums of all times so it’s hard to pick some other highlights but if you wanna check out my other favorites check out ‘This Boy’  and ‘Undiscovered

After the dating phase it became “official” with James’ 2nd release Songs For You, Truths For Me. Ugh, could I be a liar this might also be one of my most favorite albums EVER. It came at a time in my life when I was even more of a free spirit when it came to love. However, a free spirit that deep down always knew she believed in true love. This album  provided me with a song that is my definition of true love and what I aspire to have:

Ugh, those lyrics tho “when I can’t find the words you teach my heart to speak”. Conversely, this album also provided me with a song that slaps my love naivety in the face when it comes to love and forgiveness:

Seriously, I’m not sure I can narrow down my other favs on this album but listen to these. You will NOT be disappointed if you are liking what you are hearing so far. ‘The Only Night’ ‘Save Yourself’ ‘Precious Love’  ‘Once When I Was Little’

James’ has been quoted that he’s “sung too many love songs” and wanted “to sing songs with more substance” for his 3rd album The Awakening. I think he absolutely accomplished this goal! Now that we were committed I was okay with not needing so much love validation 😉 Some of the highlights on this album for me are ‘I Won’t Let you Go’ and ‘Beautiful Life’.

Higher Than Here has been released overseas but not yet here in the states. I’m not sure what that says about our marriage but I’ve obviously found other ways to access this album. I haven’t had the time to fully get intimate with this album but now that I’ve grown up since our introduction and there’s some bumps and bruises on the ol’ ticker ‘Demons’ is just so refreshing, accurate, and relevant to my life right now as I’m on such a positive journey upward.

‘Stay Like This’ is also a song I’m digging because once again it’s such an honest depiction of what might be found in a man’s soul.

True love lasts a lifetime and I feel like this will not become inaccurate with me and James Morrison. He rarely tours in the states, much to my chagrin, I may have to take a spontaneous trip early next year to see his current tour!

What artists complete your soul?






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