What I’m Listening To This Week #guiltypleasures


I like watching Glee while doing cardio…yes, I’ll say it loud and proud! It totally get’s me through the boredom that is a treadmill! This week’s cardio brought me back to an episode call “Guilty Pleasures” which got me to thinking, and yes laughing, about some of my musical guilty pleasures. And while I’m in Toronto I thought “What a great place to write this week’s blog as a serious guilty pleasure of mine is Degrassi” which is coincidently filmed in Canada. So how a boot we get to it!!!

I mean can you really be a teenager of the 90’s and not ALWAYS have a special place in your heart for Britney? I can’t help it…I live for Britney…

This tune was my first excuse to really be a bold, turned up woman after I graduated college when I obviously purchased B. I mean covering Bobby Brown….yup…just pretty much YUP!

Guilty Pleasure #1

My Prerogative – Britney Spears

I am going to be unapologetic for this one for sure. This guilty pleasure has become WAY more acceptable with release of his latest album Purpose but before Bieber done grown up my roommate and I NEVER skipped this song when it came on regardless of who was around. This still happens to this day. I even got my mom hooked on this song!

Guilty Pleasure #2

Baby – Justin Bieber

Lastly, this one does make my cheeks a little red but in the spirit of guilty pleasures I must confess….Maybe you love to hate them or just basically hated them but I just have to blare this song any time it comes on regardless if I even actually know the all the “words” in the chorus.

Guilty Pleasure #3

Mmmbop – Hanson


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