What I’m Listening To This Week


Really I’ve been heavily listening to Sia’s new album on repeat repeat repeat but I’m working on a full blog for that album instead I’m going to throw in what I’ve been peppering in between the hits on This Is Acting.

I  posted about Andra Day a couple of weeks ago but in the moment I am LOVING Red Flags. You know me, I’m a little bit of a glutton for a melancholy song full of regret. Plus, I’m sure we can all relate to wearing those rose colored goggles for a little too long with that certain someone. I’m also digging the glimpses in this song that remind me of Duffy.

Let’s follow up that with a song that gives you the love feels! You know….just to balance things out. I kind of have a love affair going on with Kodaline (#lifegoals to go see them headline somewhere in Europe). So much beauty in this song and I’m pretty obsessed with this video.

Speaking of feels…this is a pretty obvious one but I’m not sure who isn’t talking about James Bay performance at the Grammy’s. Chaos and the Calm, his debut album, has been in my rotation since it’s release but le sigh I guess I’ll share him with the world if I have to 😉 To sum it up my best friend texted it best “but is James Bay seriously performing at the Grammy’s!? I want to shed a tear like I’m friends with him lol” And you wonder where I get my possessiveness from 😉 PS) Tori Kelly didn’t suck either!


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