Music & Words Award #MWA


I started this blog because, at the time I needed, something positive to focus on and what better outlet than music?! I mean it already monopolizes my life as it is so why not?! Although it is therapeutic to write I can tell you that nothing is cooler for the soul then when someone actually acknowledges something you’ve put your heart into. Today I was totally taken back and flattered when I received a nomination that Music & Words created. What an absolute brilliant concept and I was more than flattered to be nominated by Katya whose blog musicisthehomepainforyoursoul coincidentally happens to be named after lyrics to my favorite song, If You Could See Me Now, off of The Script’s most recent #3.

So….once accepted, the award process has five steps (I know it’s a little chainy but I’m not complaining because spreading music is DOPE) :

  1. Link back to the person who nominated you
  2. Answer the questions with words AND music
  3. Pass the award on to 5 bloggers who inspire you with their posts about music
  4. Tag your post with #MWA, for Music&Words Award so that we can all find you down the line
  5. Quote these 5 steps and the award icon in your post. You can display the icon on your sidebar as well. 

Q1: What does music mean to you?

I mean music is kind of everything. It’s air, it’s the truest love, it’s common ground, it’s connection, it’s perfection (when done right lol)…and to sum it up it’s kind of life! I’m not sure I have the perfect music to sum up what music truly means to me but the lyrics in Matt Nathanson’s Kill The Lights are really the first that come to my mind when trying to explain what music means to me… they go as follows “my heads a stereo I can’t turn off” “I found religion at the record store”. PS) Also one of my favorite albums of 2013!

Q2: What is your first music-related memory?

I’m not sure I can quite imagine what my childhood would have been without The Beatles. Being the child of hippie parents whose father actually got in trouble at school for having a “beatles haircut”, it is no surprise they were a constant! We used to go on many road trips and I can always remember the cassette deck playing The Beatles. The most vivid first music related-memory I have is on cold winter mornings my sister and I would get up to a fire in the fireplace. We would sit in front of it to warm ourselves up while my dad played records and the song that always comes to mind with that memory is Imagine.

Q3:  What was the first album you’ve purchased yourself?

Of course I had been receiving cassette tapes since I was little. You know just  some Paula Abdul, NKOTB, Whitney Houston or J5 and The Supremes….But I remember it was a big day when I went to purchase my very first CD ever. I had all the choices in that local Portland music store and I ain’t even made at my first selection! I believe it showed maturity beyond my years and forever warped my sense of love LOL However, a special shout out to a phenomenal ablum from Boyz II Men that was title simply II.

Q4: What was the latest music you purchased? (No online streaming or free downloads, I’m talking about cash here!)

Way Down We Go was recently introduced to me by Kaleo. For those of you who follow my blog you know this is right up my alley…pun totally intended. Check out this sick, sick, SICK video. Other recents? Never Going Back – Fleetwood Mac, Red Flags – Andra Day and This Is Acting -Sia’s latest full album.

Q5: Which song did you listen to last? (No cheating, come out with the dirty pleasures!)

I actually thought it would be pretty funny to expose some of my little dirty secrets of a song with this question. But if I’m being authentic with my answers Morning Comes is currently what is playing on my shuffle. Ahhhhh I love me some Delta Rae and can’t wait to see them on tour this May! I’ve blog about them often and it really doesn’t get any better. Click to read my Delta Rae blogs:

Delta Rae is the Answer….Catching The Fire

After It All I Am More Impressed With Delta Rae


A Music Blog, Yea? Ok, I have to admit I am utterly jealous of how badass this blog is. I found it through Instagram and have been hooked! I love that they have so much content and are constantly updating their readers with great new finds! I have found some stellar groups through this site including Grizfolk who is my latest obsession! Follow this blog! It’s a must and they have the best taste in music!

For The Record It’s no secret that Nashville is turning out some phenomenal talent these days and that’s how I came across this blog. Dave’s top picks of 2015 speak to my loves as well and I love a blogger who blogs well…just to blog for the love of it! (not that there is something wrong with getting paid for blogging…get that money!). But I love his insight into his posts as they stem from experience in the industry.

A Bit Of Pop Music is just SO on point. There is SO much content and this blogger is able to keep his page updated on the regular! I LOVE a good detail. Details to an album, a lyric, an artist’s opionion and this blog has all of that! I especially loved one of his latest blogs Album Review – Sia This is Acting Track by Track

The Kiss of Joy is not solely a music blog but I kind of love that about it. It’s SO positive and gives you a little this and that life stuff! She keeps me feeling oh so very hip and cool as she is on the cusps of all the super cool new releases!

Indie Shuffle was introduced to me by my dear mentor Mike. The name of this site alone kind of was a no brainer for attraction to me. Some of my favorite finds have been from here. I especially LOVE the folk section on the site. And LOVE their concept that “humans are better than robots when it comes to music discovery”.







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